How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide


After settling down in KSA, many expats wish to own car for travelling needs. In this blog post, we will explore the process and cost of obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Types of Driving license

It is important to note that there are different categories of driving licenses in Saudi Arabia.

The categories include private, commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles and each category requires a different set of tests and qualifications.

  • Motorcycle License (Class A)
  • Heavy Vehicle License (Class B)
  • Light Vehicle License (Class C)
  • Private Vehicle License (Class D)
  • Off-Road Vehicle License (Class E)
  • Public Transportation License (Class P)

The Saudi Arabian government’s traffic authorities and licensing agencies provide detailed information and guidelines on obtaining these licenses.

What you need for Driving License?

If your country from which your Driving License is issued qualified, then you shall proceed to the traffic police with the following documents to transfer and obtain your new KSA license.

  • Original driving license.
  • Medical test report (eye & blood test) which can be done at an approved hospital.
  • An official translation of the license into Arabic (in case not in Arabic language)
  • Completed application form, which is available from driving schools
  • Original Iqama (residence permit) plus one photocopy
  • Photocopy of a valid visa
  • Receipt for payment of license fee

Drivers of other nationalities will need to complete a written and practical test before they can obtain a Saudi driving license.

How to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia?

Obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia is a process that involves several steps.

For obtaining driving license these things must kept in your mind.

Driving School

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

Visit Dallah Driving school as early at least 30 minutes before appointment.

Appointment Book

  • Book a Traffic police appointment through Absher.
  • Visit your Absher Account.
  • Go to Appointment tab
  • Select Traffic
  • Click to Proceed

Application form

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

Download Application form from website, fill with required Data.

Medical Test

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

You also need Medical test report (eye & blood test) which can be done at an approved hospital.

Process to Follow to get your License

  • Pay License fee (online banking SADAD system or through ATM banking). Get print of receipt as document.
  • Once you get all the above documents then go to Dallah driving school Saudi Arabia early at 7am in the morning.
  • Now Eye sight test section in school, after test they give you application with stamp
  • Go to “License Check” counter. He will also stamp your application and send you for “First trial”.
  • In this you have to drive a car in different directions. He may ask you to show your resident iqama id.
  • If you do good they will give you grade “1” Alif, it means you are ready for final test, Otherwise you have to attend classes or you need to make new file after 2-3 days.
  • Deposit SAR 100/- Now he will take your file and ask you to attend a 3 hour class in which they will teach basics, listen carefully and then he will allow you to take Saudi driving school computer test.
  • Once you clear Saudi driving school computer test, There will be driving test again “final trial”, If you clear “final trial”, You need to submit documents in computer room and you will get your driving license within few minutes.
  • If you fail in “final trial”, you will get next date for test. For one file you will get 3 test dates, If you failed in 3 tests, you need to start the whole process again.

Cost and Validity

Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your driving license.

It is typically issued by the General Directorate of Traffic in Saudi Arabia.

Once issued it has a ten (10) year validity period or less each year cost SAR 400 up to 10 years.

Drivers must carry their license and vehicle ownership papers at all times whilst driving, along with another form of ID (Iqama), which must be shown if requested.

The fee for a new driving license is SR 40 per year i.e. SR 80 for 2 years. SR 200 for 5 years.

Cost for driving license depend on your needs such as

  • Initial License fee is SAR 80
  • Renewal fee is SAR 40
  • In case your license is damaged or lost or misplaced fee for that is SAR 100.

Kept in mind that you may charged SAR 500 to 900, if you drive without license in road.

The driving license validity in Saudi Arabia is different for resident and local i.e.

  • 10 years for Saudi Nations
  • 2 years for Non-Saudi Nationals.

However, it is important to note that the driving license is subject to renewal every three years.

The Saudi embassy or consulate in your home country will be able to confirm whether a license is valid. 

Driving License through Driving School

Driving in Saudi Arabia is still a challenge for new expats in the country, a little patience, persistence, and common sense goes a long way.

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

The driving school will teach you

  • Basics of driving
  • Traffic rules and regulations.
  • Road signs and signals that are used in the country.

After completing the driving course, you will need to pass a written test.

The test will cover the material that you learned in the driving course. Once you pass the written test, you will need to take a driving test.

The driving test will evaluate your driving skills and your ability to follow traffic rules and regulations.

If you pass both the written test and the driving test, you will be issued a driving license.

Saudi Laws and Regulation for getting a driving license are applied for all nationals.

Employees on Business Visa/ Tourist Visa can drive in Saudi Arabia on a license issued in countries such as the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or on an international driving permit, for up to three months from date of entry / last entry into Saudi Arabia. 

Charges are different for standard and intensive driving School i.e.

  • Standard charge for driving is SAR 4,000
  • Intensive charge for driving is SAR 6,000

An application for a Saudi license can be made without having to take a driving test. 

After obtaining an Iqama you will have 3-months in which to obtain a Saudi Driving License (this is mandatory).

Driving licenses issued by any country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are acceptable for use within Saudi Arabia.

Renew driving license in Saudi Arabia 

To renew your driving license in Saudi Arabia, you can follow these general steps:

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

Check your expiry date of your driving license. It is recommended to start the renewal process well in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Gather required documents as described above
  • Then visit the general directorate of traffic office or the relevant online portal, depending on the renewal options available.
  • Provide the necessary documents as requested by the GDT office.
  • Verify your personal details, residency permit, and previous driving license.
  • Pay the prescribed renewal fee. The fee may vary depending on the type and duration of the renewal.

By Absher

You can also do by online with your Absher Platform.

  • Click on E-services.
  • Go to Traffic section
  • On right side click on  Renew Driving License.
How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide
  • Click on NEXT button
  • Select Renew Private Driving License.
  • Now click on Next (if error occur as NO MEDICAL REPORT FIND than first visit Medical Center).

In some cases, the GDT may require you to undergo medical tests, such as an eye examination, to ensure your fitness for driving.

How to Obtain Driving License in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

If you see this error then click on Confirm button and print this will print the Renewal Query in which reference number is written.

Go with this number to nearest Traffic Department (Muroor). They take your fingerprint again.

After which you have to Submit Old driving license and iqama after 10 minute they call your name, collect your new Driving  license from counter.

Follow the instructions provided and complete the tests if necessary.

Once your application is processed and approved, you are able to collect your renewed driving license: you will be notified to collect your renewed driving license.

This can usually be done at the General Directorate of Traffic office.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for renewing a driving license may change over time.

How to check your driving license status online?

To verify the status of your driving license online, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Absher portal and log in with your credentials.
  • Choose “My Services” from the available options.
  • Click on “Inquiries” to proceed.
  • From the list, select “Traffic” to access traffic-related services.
  • Next, click on “Public Query Driving License” for license inquiries.
  • Provide your Iqama Number and Date of Birth in the designated fields.
  • Press the “View” button to check the status of your driving license.
  • On the following page, you’ll find your driving license status.

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Obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia involves paying initial fees, attending a driving school and renewal the license every few years. Its important to know the fees and renewal process to avoid issues while driving in the country.


How to pay fee of renewal or replacement?

You can pay your replacement or renewal fees online through Absher Platform.
You can also pay by debit card or cash by visiting traffic department.

Can I drive in KSA with Pakistani license?

Driving in Saudi Arabia is legal for three months if you have an international driving permit (IDP) or a Pakistani driving license.

Which countries driving license is valid in KSA?

Driving licenses of Gulf countries such as the USA. EU, Canada, New Zealand or Australia are approved by the traffic police of Saudi Arabia.

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