The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour


The Kiswa Factory known to be Kaaba cloth making factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) holds great significance in Islamic culture.

As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia holds numerous religious landmarks, one of which is the Kiswa Factory.

This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to make an appointment at KISWA Factory, enabling you to maximize your time and make the most out of your visit.

What is the Kiswa Factory?

The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

The Kiswa Factory (1977), also known as the Kiswa Weaving Factory, is responsible for producing the Kiswa, an intricately woven cloth that covers the Kaaba.

The Kaaba, located in the holy city of Mecca with a 10 minutes’ drive from Al-Haram, is Islam’s most sacred site and the direction towards which Muslims around the world pray.

The Kiswa is replaced annually during the Hajj season.

The Kiswa Factory, established by the Saudi Arabian government, is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and maintaining the Kiswa.

It is a place of immense craftsmanship and precision, where dedicated artisans create this significant piece of fabric that symbolizes the unity of the Muslim ummah (community).

How is the Kiswa made?

The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

When raw silk (670 kg silk) is imported, it is dyed with black for one day.

It will be embroidered with gold and silver and in black where needed.

There are 120 kg of gold thread and 100 kg of silver thread.

It takes almost 60-120 days to complete before Hajj season.

A new covering is brought to the holy mosque on the ninth day of the month of Thu-Al-Hija.

Over the old Kiswa, the four pieces of the new Kiswa are hung, one side at a time.

Approximately SAR 17,000,000 (4,500,000 USD) or Rs. 33.4 crore) is required to cover the Kaaba with Kiswa.

Register your account for Visit

Before making an appointment, visitors are required to register an account on the official website.

Registration involves providing personal details such as name, contact information, and purpose of the visit.


The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

The General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque offers an e-service that gives permits for visiting Kiswa factory to identify the production process.

  • Go to
  • Click on Start the services that open another link that is official Website of Kiswa.
  • Click on type of organization (institution, educational agency, official delegation).
  • Verify that the agency name is correct.
  • Add your visit letter.

After the request is submitted, appointments are made available for registration a week later.

Official Website

The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

The website is mainly in Arabic, but you can translate by using google chrome translator.

  • Go to official website
  • Enter your details like Id type, Iqama/Passport, Nationality,
  • Name, Education, Mobile number, Date of Birth
  • Current Residence and Permanent address in home country.
  • Then enter your Email and Password.

How to make an Appointment?

To visit the Kiswa Factory, individuals need to make an appointment in advance.

Appointments can be made through the official website or by contacting the factory directly.

  • Go to website.
  • Create your account by entering details.
  • Tick on terms and conditions.
  • Fill phase form and upload document like Photo, language, mobile number and email address.
  • Now submit this form to request approval from Permission of the King Abdul Aziz complex from covering Kaaba.
  • Visitors should provide their preferred date and time for the visit.

Who is Eligible to Enter the Kiswa Factory?

The Kiswa Factory: How to Register for A Guided Tour

Visiting the Kiswa is a privilege reserved for specific individuals and groups.

The eligibility criteria to enter the Kiswa Factory include the following:

  • High-ranking officials and dignitaries, both domestic and international, may be granted access to the Kiswa Factory. This includes government officials, religious leaders, and distinguished guests.
  • Scholars, academics, and researchers who are studying Islamic culture and heritage may be granted access to the Kiswa Factory for academic purposes.
  • On certain occasions, the Kiswa Factory may open its doors to the public.
  • Visitors who are interested in learning about the manufacturing process of the Kiswa.
  • Applicants must be above a certain age, usually 18 years or older and not more than 20 persons.

There may be additional requirements or restrictions based on the policies of the factory.

Follow Terms and Conditions

Visitors must agree to abide by the terms and conditions set by the Kiswa Factory during their visit.

These terms and conditions may include rules regarding behavior, photography, and confidentiality.

Signed and sealed letter from the entity must be submitted.

To be a governmental agency or a certified institution.

Violations of the terms and conditions may result in the termination of the visit and potential legal consequences.


The Kiswa Factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a place of immense importance in the Islamic world. As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia takes great pride in preserving and maintaining the sacred traditions associated with the Kaaba. The Kiswa Factory plays a vital role in this endeavor, crafting the Kiswa with utmost precision and skill. While access to the Kiswa Factory is limited to specific individuals and groups, it remains a symbol of Islamic heritage and the unity of the Muslim ummah.


How do you get a piece of Kiswah?

In every year, the old Kiswah is removed, cut into small pieces, and given to foreign Muslim dignitaries and organizations. After removal, it is cut into small pieces and given to dignitaries, museums, and organizations.

Can we buy Kiswa?

After removal from Kaaba, they are are available for purchase.

Which perfume is used on Kaaba?

At least 5 times a day, The Kaaba is cleaned with a special luxurious Oud fragrance. The original fragrance comes from Haramain Attar Al Kaaba (25ML) and Al Kabaa perfume in which vanilla honey combines with cedarwood sandalwood carnation and patchouli.

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