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Secure Your Peace of Mind: Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia Explained


Navigate the process of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia with ease.

Learn about the importance, application procedure, and essential documents required for a hassle-free experience.

Ensure a smooth transition for Immigration, employment, or personal purposes.

Get all the information you need to obtain your Police Clearance Certificate today by our Guide!

In Saudi Arabia, a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) also known as a Good Conduct Certificate is an official document issued by the Saudi authorities that certifies an individual’s criminal record status.

Details of appoinment

During the period of residence, the PCC serves as proof that the individual has not been involved in any criminal activities.

In order to obtain a visa for another country, or to obtain employment, immigration, higher education, or other purposes, the Police Clearance Certificate is often required.

It may be requested by both Saudi and foreign authorities, depending on the specific requirements.

Once the application is submitted, the authorities will conduct a background check to verify the individual’s criminal record.

The Police Clearance Certificate indicates that the individual has a good conduct record in Saudi Arabia if no criminal record is found.

Need of Police Clearance certificate In KSA

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) may be required during a visitor’s stay in Saudi Arabia for a variety of purposes, including:

Need of Police Clearance certificate In KSA

Also for Volunteer Work by some organizations or institutions if you are involved in any volunteering or working with vulnerable populations.

Steps for PCC in Saudi Arabia

To apply for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Saudi Arabia, you can follow these general steps:

Secure Your Peace of Mind: Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia Explained

Book Appointment through Absher

You can book an PCC appointment for the police clearance certificate from Forensic Evidence Appointment Service

  • Simply Log in to Absher.
  • Click Appointment.
  • Select Public Security.
  • Proceed to services.
Book appoinment
  • Book new Appoinment.
  • Services click on Criminal record.
  • Then select your region, city.
  • Then set your day and date.
  • Click on Submit.
  • wait for confirmation.
update cancl

You can update or also cancel your appointment any time.

In short to get PCC

  • Apply and get an Endorsement Letter.
  • Fill the form at MOFA.
  • Bring all of the required documentation to the police station.
  • Fingerprints should be recorded.
  • Get a police certificate from the police station.

You can also check our guide on Change Your Mobile Number in Absher in Just a Few Clicks! where you get to know how to register in Absher.

Validity of PCC

PPC in Saudi Arabia are usually valid for a specific period of time, usually six months to one year from the date of issue.

According to the purpose of use and the requirements of the requesting authority, the validity period may vary.

Requirements for PCC

The necessary documents and information must be provided to the police department or online portal in Saudi Arabia in order to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate:

  • Valid identification documents (such as a passport or national ID card).
  • Residency permit (Iqama) or any other proof of residence in Saudi Arabia.
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Completed application form (available at the police department or online).
  • Payment of applicable fees.

Other requirement like age, status of residency or criminal history will also be require to apply for PCC.

Age: At least 18 years of old.

Residency Status: Saudi citizens and expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia are normally eligible to receive PCCs. The process may differ for non-Saudi citizens.

Criminal History: People who apply for a PCC usually need to present a certificate of good conduct and has no criminal record or history of relevant offenses from their home country or the country they previously resided in.

PCC for Final Exit Visa

If you want PCC for your final exit visa, you have to follow same steps as described above but some other documents may require separately.

PCC for Final Exit Visa

In addition to the basic requirements, the Saudi Embassy or Consulate may request additional supporting documents.

These could include a letter explaining the purpose of your PCC request, proof of address, or any other documentation they deem necessary.

Need PCC for Final Exit

Some common situations where a Saudi Police Clearance Certificate may be needed after leaving the country include the following:

  • If you find a better opportunity in another country or get offer letter from of employment or you are in process of applying job in abroad,
  • The prospective employer or immigration authorities may request a Saudi PCC to verify your criminal record during your stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Some countries may require a Saudi PCC as part of the visa or immigration application process.
  • Certain professional licensing bodies or regulatory authorities may require a Saudi PCC when applying for licenses or certifications.

Endorsement Letter/Authority Letter in KSA

The endorsement letter is a document that authorizes a person or entity to represent another individual or organization in Saudi Arabia.

Authorized persons may use this letter to take specific actions or make decisions on behalf of the person or organization issuing it.

This letter is basically used for information of

Endorsement Letter/Authority Letter in KSA

Obtain your Endorsement Letter

When someone is supposed to act on your behalf or be granted certain permissions, an endorsement letter may be required.

Some common scenarios include:

Obtain your Endorsement Letter

Steps to follow

To obtain an endorsement letter, you have to follow process generally involves the following steps:

Steps to follow

The process and requirements for obtaining an endorsement letter may vary depending on the purpose, local laws, and the organization or authority involved.

Get your PCC from Saudi Arabia

The CID or a local police station is usually your best option for obtaining a PCC in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the general steps to obtain a PCC and what to expect during your visit:

Get your PCC from Saudi Arabia

Translation of PCC and Verifying Authencity

To verify the authenticity of a PCC in Saudi Arabia, you can follow these steps

  1. Attestation: Your documents need to be attested, which may require a stamp or seal to verify their authenticity. As in Saudi Arabia, an official stamp or seal may be required on the certificate to verify its authenticity.
  2. Notarization: You can have your PCC notarized by a notary public in your home country or the country where you plan to use it.
  3. Verification with Authorities: If necessary, you can contact the issuing authority, such as the CID or any police station, to confirm the authenticity of the PCC. Provide the necessary details and seek guidance from them on the verification process.


If they ask to translate your documents for their country you should use following as

  1. Certified Translation: A professional translator can do who specializes in legal or official document translation. Ensure that the translator is qualified and experienced, and request a certified translation of the PCC.
  2. Translator’s Certification: The translator should provide a certification stating that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and ability. The certification may include the translator’s credentials, signature, and date.
  3. Notarization/Apostille: Depending on the requirements of the destination country or organization, you may need to notarize the translated document or obtain an apostille, which is a form of authentication recognized in certain countries.

Mistakes Identification

You must correct any errors on your Police Clearance Certificate if you discover any to ensurity of its accuracy and reliability.

You can correct errors in a number of ways, but generally you need to:

  1. Contact the Issuing Authority: Contact the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) or the police station that issued the certificate and explain the oversight, providing any necessary supporting documentation.
  2. Follow the Instructions: You will receive specific instructions on how to correct the mistake, which may include filling out a form, submitting additional information, or making a formal request.
  3. Reissue or Amendment: The issuing authority may reissue or amend the original certificate based on the nature of the mistake.

Reasons of PCC Rejection

Sometime due to some minor minors your application may be rejected there may be several reasons like

  • Criminal Record: If your criminal record have relevant offenses, it may cause your application rejected from authority
  • Incomplete Documentation: If error occur of missing documents it may lead to rejection. So, be careful and reach out website to know what documents are required at that time.
  • Incorrect Information: Rejection may also be due to you are giving discrepancies or incorrect information, it can result in rejection. Double-check all the details and ensure their accuracy before submitting the application.

But don’t worry there’s always solution if documents are rejected you can re-apply with all update that previously cause rejection, follow guide like

  • You have to contact the Authorities like CID or the police station that processed your application. Know reasons of rejection and seek clarification on any steps you can take to address the issue.
  • If the rejection was due to incomplete documentation or incorrect information, rectify the issue as per the instructions provided by the authorities. Submit the necessary documents or correct any mistakes and reapply for the PCC accordingly.
  • If the rejection seems unjustified or you encounter difficulties in resolving the issue, you may consider seeking legal advice or consulting with a professional experienced in legal matters to explore your options and find a resolution.

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate for a minor follows a similar process as for adults, with some additional considerations:

  • Parental Consent: The parent or legal guardian of the minor must provide written consent for obtaining the PCC on behalf of the child.
  • Identification Documents: Along with the minor’s identification documents (such as their passport or birth certificate), the parent or legal guardian’s identification documents will also be required.

Processing times for a Police Clearance Certificate can vary depending on factors such as the workload of the issuing authority, the completeness of your application, and the specific procedures in place.

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate can involve fees that vary depending on the issuing authority and the related services.

The fees can include application fees, attestation fees, notarization fees, and other administrative charges.


There are specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia that may change over time, so it is always advisable to check with the relevant authorities or seek updated information from the official sources before beginning the process.

The Saudi Arabian government uses endorsement letters or authority letters for various purposes, such as granting power of attorney, delegating responsibilities within an organization, or allowing someone to act on their behalf. The process and requirements for obtaining an endorsement letter may vary depending on the purpose, local laws, and the organization or authority involved.

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