About “The KSA Today”

The KSA Today is a first hand hub of Knowledge and Information on various day-to-day topics, guides, stories, buzz and events across the globe.


We mainly aim to provide the information never-seen-before and to help people as much as we can through our guides, knowledge-base and various articles, also we keep an eye and update you with the events occurring around the globe.


Our vision is to become the largest and biggest hub of information, guides and knowledge across the globe, especially in GCC Region by the end of this year.

The Name?

‘The KSA Today’ reflects our dedication to delivering up-to-date and pertinent news about Saudi Arabia, with a specific emphasis on current events and topics of interest to our audience.

But we cover almost everything related to Saudi Arabia as well as across the globe and we are not just depended on the news, as we provide knowledge-base articles, guides and etc.

The Logo?

Any brand with an honourable repute must exemplify its logo.

The logo for “The KSA Today” should depict a strong and recognizable symbol that reflects the brand’s commitment to providing what has been mentioned above.


Starting our concept with the famous Sky Scrapper Buildings in Saudi Arabia which represents the development of the country.

Kingdom Tower Riyadh

The most famous Skyscraper and in the heart of Riyadh.

Al Majdoul Tower Riyadh

Eighth Storytwised Skyscraper in the World.

Al Faisaliyah Tower Riyadh

The Commercial Skyscraper.

Abraj Al Bait – Clock Tower Mecca

The Skyscraper hotel in Mecca.

Vector Designing

Started with creating vectors of these buildings.

Merging these buildings creatively in a way that the image portrays a series of buildings that appear to be emerging from a source, creating a powerful visual representation of development and forward momentum.

Adding a line below the buildings represents the land of “Planet Earth” and the circle behind at the back is representing the “Globe” which tells that “THE KSA TODAY” will provide up-to-the-date knowledge and information across the globe.

The Colors?

Base color is kept green which represents the Saudi Land and gives a sense of Harmony.

Yellow color represents optimism, adventure, courage and gives a cheerful touch to our logo.

A soothing and peaceful color, light green is an especially calm shade that represents renewal, luck and optimism.

The Font?

We chose, Bill Corporate font as it is Professional, Advanced and Trustworthy.

Logo Presentation

Hence, the logo was created!