Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain Easily [2024]

Ah, the joy of bringing family to Saudi Arabia!

Sharing adventures, creating memories, and soaking in the Kingdom’s unique charm.

But every visit, alas, must end.

Or must it?

For those facing the looming expiry of family visit visas, fret not!

A magical little trick called the “Bahrain Run” has you covered to extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain.

BTW, I named it “Bahrain Run”, it suites, lol!

Now, as an experienced Saudi Arabia blogger, I’ve heard the whispers, the anxieties, and the endless Google searches on this How to Easily Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain?

So, I’m here to demystify on How to Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain, armed with the latest updates and practical tips.

Buckle up, expats, for a smooth ride through the Bahrain Run!

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What is the Bahrain Run, you ask?

In essence, it’s a temporary exit from Saudi Arabia to a neighbouring country, Bahrain, with the aim of resetting your multiple family visit visa upon re-entry.

This clever manoeuvre essentially buys you additional validity on your existing visa without the hassle of formal extensions.

Why choose Bahrain for Multiple Family Visit Visa Extension?

Proximity is key!

Bahrain, a stone’s throw across the King Fahd Causeway, makes for a quick and relatively inexpensive visa reset trip.

Plus, its breezy island vibe and family-friendly attractions offer a mini-vacation within the extension process itself.

Is it legal to Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain?

Absolutely! The Bahrain Run, while not explicitly mentioned in official regulations, operates within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s visa rules.

As long as the re-entry happens before the original visa expires (including any grace period), it’s perfectly legal.

Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain

Before you hop on that ferry, though, let’s equip you with crucial knowledge:


Valid Family Visit Visa

This is the obvious one. 

Ensure your visas haven’t crossed the stamped expiry date or grace period.


Make sure everyone’s passports are valid for at least six months beyond the intended return date from Bahrain.

Travel Insurance (Optional)

Having valid travel insurance for the entire trip is essential for peace of mind.

Bahrain E-visa (if applicable)

Some nationalities require visas for Bahrain. 

Apply online beforehand to avoid delays.

The Process

Book your travel

Choose your preferred method – ferry, bus, or even a self-drive adventure! 

Remember, the King Fahd Causeway might experience weekend congestion, so plan accordingly.

Exit formalities

Complete the departure procedures at the Saudi exit point.

Enjoy Bahrain!

Relax, explore, and recharge in Bahrain. 

Remember, you’re on a mini-vacation!


Upon re-entering Saudi Arabia, your family visit visas will be reset to their original validity period (excluding any time spent outside the Kingdom).

Important Notes

Multiple entries allowed

As long as your original visa allows multiple entries, you can perform the Bahrain Run multiple times within its validity period.

Absher platform

You can track your visa expiry status and apply for extensions (if needed) through the Absher platform as well.

But that’s another guide, will be written soon.

Pro-Tips from a seasoned Saudi Arabia blogger

Plan your trip

Book travel and accommodation in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Carry documentation

Keep copies of your visas, passports, and travel insurance easily accessible.

Check visa validity

Double-check your original visa’s validity and grace period as stamped on your paper-printed visa before embarking.

Be patient

Immigration procedures can take time.

Relax, stay calm, and cooperate with officials.

Enjoy the journey!

The Bahrain Run is an opportunity for a mini-adventure.

Embrace the experience!

FAQs on “How to Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain”

Can I extend my own visit visa through the Bahrain?

Unfortunately, no. This method only works for multiple family visit visa extension.

What happens if I overstay in Bahrain?

Overstaying your Bahrain visa can lead to fines and potential entry bans. Stick to the permitted duration!

Can I perform the Bahrain Run just before expiry?

Technically, yes. However, leave some buffer time for unforeseen delays or some other circumstances.

Is there a guarantee the Bahrain Run will work?

Don’t worry, it’s working for years and for many including, me.

Final Words

Remember, folks, the Bahrain Run is a valuable tool, use it.

Don’t forget, always adhere to regulations, stay informed, and plan diligently.

With this guide and a dose of wanderlust, you can Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa through Bahrain and create lasting memories in Saudi Arabia.

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