Final Exit Visa 2024: Check, Cancel, Print & Requirements

Saying “Good Bye” to Saudi Arabia forever by issuing final exit visa?

Well, the journey was amazing in Saudi Arabia, isn’t it?

And yes, you’re going to miss Saudi Arabia, bet on it, as I have seen people going back to the home country and coming back after few years or so.

Anyways, you landed here in this guide, which implies that you want to check or you might need comprehensive information about Final Exit Visa.

Don’t worry, I got you covered, to ensure your smooth and hassle-free departure process from Saudi Arabia.

What is Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia?

The first things first, you might have no idea what it means, let me explain.

A final exit visa is a type of visa required for expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia who wish to depart the country permanently.

This visa allows the holder to exit the country and ensures that they have settled all outstanding obligations before departure.

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Requirements before issuing Final Exit Visa

Passport Validity

Make sure your passport is 60 days or more valid prior to issuance of final exit visa.


There is no Final Exit Issuance Fees as it’s free of cost visa.

Pay your Traffic Fines or any Dues

Prior to departing from Saudi Arabia, it is essential to settle any outstanding dues or traffic fines / violations to avoid delays or penalties.

As per report published by Saudi Gazette, Jawazat linked final exit issuance with dues settlement.

Sell your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle registered in your name, you must sell, transfer the registration or cancel it before issuance, otherwise it can’t be issued.

End of Service Benefits

Ask your employer to send your ESB to your bank account in your home country as it’s always better not to carry too much cash.

Also, the limit of carrying cash is only 60,000SAR.

Departure Requirements

Upon departure from Saudi Arabia, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents, including your passport, you have checked your visa status to be final, and boarding pass.

Checking Final Exit Visa using MOL without Absher

The Muqeem portal is official online portal that offers various services for expatriates in Saudi Arabia, including checking final exit visa status.

And the best part is, you don’t need an Absher account to check the final exit status.

Also, I personally, recommend you to use this method as it’s easy and not much time-consuming.

So, let’s go through the process.

  • Enter your Iqama number in “رقم الإقامة
  • Or you can enter your Border number or passport number in “رقم الحدود: Border Number” “رقم الجواز: Passport Number”.
  • Scroll down and select your nationality in “الجنسية“. (Optional)
  • Enter the captcha code, shown in the image in “رمز التحقق“.
  • Hit “Green Button” which is written as “بحث“.
  • Finally, you will be able to view a “خروج نهاي” (Khurooj Nihai) status if your Final Exit Visa is issued.
  • Otherwise, if not issued, “علي رأس العمل” (ali ras alamal) can be seen, which implies, it might be under process.

How to Print Final Exit Visa?

If your final exit visa status is approved, your employer can print the visa directly from the Absher or Muqeem platform.

Alternatively, they can visit the nearest Jawazat office and request a printed copy of your final exit visa.

Additionally, you can take a screenshot from the method of the results mentioned above.

However, as per Jawazat, you don’t need to print it but if you’re planning on returning back, you might be asked for it, so it is better to have a print out or a proof with you.

How to Cancel Final Exit Visa?

In certain circumstances, you may need to cancel your final exit visa.

The only way to cancel the final exit visa is to contact your HR department or Sponsor, only they can cancel the final exit visa through Absher or Muqeem.

Well, to cancel final exit visa there are some requirements.

  • The validity of the final visit visa is expired, which is 60 days.
  • You need to pay 1,000SAR fine.
  • If your employer issued final exit visa during your probation period, it can’t be cancelled.
  • In the case in which the expatriate leaves the country, then it cannot be cancelled.


So, this is it!

I have tried to explain each and everything related to Final exit visa, am I right?

If you didn’t find anything which you were looking for, you can always ask in the comment section below.

I hope, by following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can ensure a smooth travel experience.

Till then, have a safe journey ahead!

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