10 Best Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in Saudi Arabia [2024]

Are you looking for Best Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Saudi Arabia?

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In Saudi Arabia, you know finding a best Supermarkets can be frustrating as we have a lot of Supermarkets in here.

But, don’t worry, I’m compiling here, from top to bottom,

The Top 10 Best Supermarkets and/or Grocery Stores in Saudi Arabia, which I have tried myself and found it the best.


Lulu is an unique, with a serene ambiance, a contemporary aura, and fresh variety.

It combines every conceivable consumer demand under a single roof.

The Lulu hypermarket chain is renowned for many wonderful qualities.

Large parking lots, entertaining kid-friendly play areas, numerous easily accessible counters, and a renowned food court are all present under one roof.

Additionally, Lulu’s supermarkets have bank counters and kiosks for currency exchange, simplifying the shopping process throughout GCC and of course, in Saudi Arabia.

In its stores, Lulu has a huge selection of goods.

There isn’t anything that this abundance doesn’t cover, from vegetables to gadgets, school supplies, fresh goods, and lifestyle products.

While purchasing your weekend groceries, you can shop for the latest fashions in clothing as well.

And end the journey with a hearty dinner at the outstanding food court, made by Lulu.

There is just one thing that is superior to in-person purchasing: Online Shopping.

Additionally, Lulu has you covered there as well.

By the way, I never feel like going down the block to get groceries, are you?

If you’re like me, simply place an online order on their website, and it will be delivered to you within a day minimum.

Everything is practical and hassle-free when it comes to do Grocery or buying anything from Lulu.

Well, I love their butter cake, don’t forget to try that.

Did you know, Lulu has approximately 240+ stores!

Panda / Hyper Panda

One of the earliest contemporary supermarkets to emerge in the Gulf region is Hyper Panda grocery and supermarket stores.

This store, which had its beginnings in 1978 under the name Just Panda, debuted in Riyadh.

The Savola group and the Azizia Panda Group experienced a big merger in 1999.

As a result, it rose to become one of the major retail distributors in the Middle East.

The business changed its name from Azizia Panda United to Panda Retail Company in November 2014.

With a network of more than 200 outlets operating with the name of Panda and HyperPanda, this brand is now valued in the millions of dollars.

Panda is now the biggest retailer doing business in the Kingdom.

It is available in more than 35 cities in the KSA.

And people also know Panda as one of the first businesses in the Kingdom to hire women and persons with disabilities as cashiers.

Panda has received praise from people all over KSA for using their platform to improve the world.

All of the costs fall within fairly affordable ranges.

Weekly discount deals, though, can reduce the costs even more, so keeping an eye out for them is always a good idea.


There are 18 Carrefour stores in Saudi Arabia, with 7 of them in Riyadh alone.

The company runs grocery markets, convenience stores, and hyper-marts.

In order to place orders without leaving the house, Carrefour has a comprehensive website that is updated frequently.

They have best and immediate home delivery service within an hour and they also provide weekly and online offers that are only valid for internet/online orders.

Abdullah AlOthaim

In comparison to the other brands on this list, this one is significantly less talked about.

This supermarkets is a sizable retail enterprise that operates in Egypt and KSA.

The AlOthaim group of supermarkets and/or grocery stores was listed among the top 100 publicly traded firms in the Middle East by Forbes in 2021.

The diversity of shop types offered by Othaim Supermarkets, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesale outlets, is well-known.

On a grocery trip, you can find practically anything there.

You name it, you get it!

Such as, fresh goods, frozen goods, bakery treats, health and beauty products.

Additionally, Othaim supermarkets sell high-quality baby care items and reasonably priced electronics.

The Al Othaim family’s distinctive, ongoing promotions serve as a reminder of their concern for you.

Additionally, they have a unique loyalty program called the Iktissab, which exists in its own realm.

Gaining up to 50% off of the best electronics, food, baked goods, and cosmetics is only one of its many benefits.

Additionally, it enables customers to receive discounts on goods from AlOthaim’s affiliated businesses.

There are also many prizes at stake!


Building Materials Company quickly rose to become the No.1 brand name from its beginnings as a small merchant business in 1993.

From that point on, the company saw rapid growth.

Under the all-blessing Danube banner, a chain of supermarkets was soon developed as well.

This large grocery business is well-known throughout the Gulf region for a variety of reasons.

Danube is renowned for its welcoming deli and superb bakery in addition to having practically all the globe has to offer on its shelves.

Of course, everything else is also placed into the sack.

There are high-quality electronics, household appliances, products for personal use, and a lot more to search through.

The Danube may not be the most affordable store, but they stand by their products’ quality.


This grocery chain is owned by the Saudi Marketing Company.

The Farm Supermarkets was the name of the first-ever retail establishment, which opened in 1993 in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia.

An idea that eventually became a franchise.

Farm superstores are renowned for their high-end goods, particularly their fresh and organic produce that is sold all across the country.

Their shops are cosy and inviting, and there is a huge selection of goods available.

Every week, they also come up with enticing deals, making it a fantastic place to

start your grocery shopping.

Farm superstores in KSA also maintain a useful website with regular updates.

You may order from the comfort of your home and it has all the newest goods.

Farm superstores are really more like a family.

On their website, you can find small joys in sections like the Chef Corner, which includes energizing and straightforward recipes you can try at home.

An Imtiyaz (loyalty) card is available at Farm superstores as a way to show support for the Farm family.

Users of this loyalty program are eligible for awards and points that can be used to purchase goods from Farm superstores.

Al Jazira

Al Jazira is a little more traditional and old-fashioned than the other places on this list.

One of the most well-liked supermarkets, particularly with expats.

Everything you could possibly need, including freshly picked, regionally grown produce, is available at this market.

Pasta of every variety, mouth-watering baked goods, and much more.

Various things for personal use as well as imported skincare and beauty products from around the world are also offered.

Al Jazira is a fantastic website that functions flawlessly and enables you to place orders while relaxing in your home.

To ensure that your shipment and returns go as smoothly and amicably as possible, they also have a number of policies in place.

Tamimi Markets

Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al Tamimi founded Tamimi Markets in 1979 when he collaborated with the North American food store Safeway to construct the first contemporary supermarket in the kingdom in Khobar and import goods from all over the world.

Today, Tamimi Markets is a significant chain with more than 20 supermarkets spread over the country, notably in Riyadh, Al Khobar, Al Hasa, Dammam, Jubail, and Jeddah.

The company wants to be the finest supermarket in Saudi Arabia, and by 2020 they have trebled the number of stores.

Tamimi Markets was listed in the Top 100 Saudi Brands of 2013 by Saudi consumers.

Top-quality local and foreign groceries, produce, meat, seafood, deli items, and other commodities are available in the chain’s modern, welcoming, and well-stocked locations.

The kingdom’s first supermarket, Tamimi Markets, introduced an organic, natural, and gluten-free section for healthy living.

Many of the chain’s locations include ecologically friendly household items and organic produce.

Many Saudis and expatriates choose Tamimi Markets as their preferred supermarket due to the chain’s extensive assortment of foreign goods.

Foods produce, and non-food items are imported by the corporation from countries all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Holland, Lebanon, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Syria, the United Kingdom, and the United States etc.

By the way, if you want to buy Cigarettes online, Tamimi is your best option.


Nesto is a well-known brand in the modern retail sector.

Nesto was founded in 2004 and, after a modest beginning, has grown to become a market leader with more than 30 outlets throughout the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Due to mobility, the company is focused on offering its customers with convenience, accessibility, and high-quality goods at affordable costs.

Nesto has been able to capture thousands of hearts over the past few years and has emerged as the GCC’s top option for customers.

Because it provides them with a memorable experience, they keep returning.

However, it is the most favourite grocery supermarket for Filipinos.

City Flower Hypermarket

With a team dedicated to manufacturing excellence and supplier partners who uphold the highest standards in quality control and cost conservation, the company offers a wide variety of products at the best rates with the greatest level of service.

City Flower Hyper Markets wants to be known as the best source for economical, high-quality goods and services that make customers happy.

Other than described, many special events mostly performed in these markets on Holidays or any specials occasions like Ramadan, Eid, National day etc.

Also these markets give discounts or sale offers on holidays or any specials occasion like Ramadan, Eid, National day etc


There you have it, then!

I have tried my best to provide you a succinct and thorough assessment of some of the best supermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These renowned supermarkets are unlikely to let you down whether you buy in-person or online from home (If you’re lazy as me, lol).

If you want to add some more or have something to suggest, comment box is always open below.

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