6 Most Horrifying Reddit Real Horror Stories in Saudi Arabia

As you know that Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest country in the history of humans and we must have heard 100’s of horror stories in Saudi Arabia from our colleagues, friends and relatives.

This is the most interesting topic to anyone who’s residing in Saudi Arabia.

So, as continuing the topic from our previous post, most haunted places in Saudi Arabia, after researching a lot, today, we brought to you the real Horror Stories from Reddit happened in Saudi Arabia’s different cities.

These horror stories are narrated by people on Reddit in a thread called “Local Ghost Stories” and others.

We might change some words to present it in a good explanation in front of you.

I’ll cause your sister to miscarry and I’ll possess your mother!

My high school friend told me a scary story that happened to him about 6 years ago.

He and his cousin/nephew were out in either Arafa or Hawiyah, I’m not sure which one, with their siblings and friends, BBQ’ing and hanging out.

At night, they got bored of playing baloot and decided to walk around and explore a little bit.

They saw an abandoned house with worn-out walls and windows, and the door was open.

Decided to go in, and found that it was a 4-room house with no doors between the rooms.

They were exploring with their phone’s flashlights when they found some couches in one of the rooms.

After exploring, they decided to sit down and rest for a bit, and they all fell asleep.

But they were awoken shortly by the sound of knocking on the door, went to check it out, but there was nobody.

They sat back down, the windows started slamming violently and heard a woman’s voice saying, “Get out of my house!”

They tried to talk to her, asking “Who are you? What’s your name? Who’s house is this?”

But she wouldn’t respond.

She just kept telling them to leave.

The more she told them to leave, the more violent she got.

Finally, they asked her directly if she was a jinn or a malak (angel).

She got quiet for a bit, and then they asked if she was a Muslim or a kafir (non-believer).

Then they saw a silhouette of something huge in one of the other rooms, and another silhouette of a woman with an axe.

The woman said for the final time, “Leave my home!”

My friends decided to leave after that.

Wait… the story got scary here.

Once they got out of the house and moved a little bit away from it, they looked back at the door and windows to see around 10+ silhouettes watching them leave through the door and windows.

One of my friends, who’s a complete idiot, decided to pick up a pebble from the ground and throw it at the house while walking away.

The moment he picked up the pebble, the woman screamed, “Throw the pebble and I’ll cause your sister to miscarry and I’ll possess your mother!” He turned blue and ran away.

My other friend told me that he was so scared that he started crying because his sister was indeed carrying a child and was on the verge of birth.

He never mentioned his sister’s birth any time they were out in the house or during the hike.

Quite spooky, isn’t it? Let’s move to another!

Stop Reciting the Holy Quran

This story is narrated by a person who lived in Makkah.

He told that his old house was haunted because it was located near a mountain.

They would often see creepy things like snakes and other animals.

After they moved out, his father called a sheikh to recite the Holy Quran in the hallway of the house to purify it.

The sheikh started reciting in the middle of the night, and a strange, scary-looking man with a ponytail suddenly appeared.

The man angrily told the sheikh to stop reciting, but the sheikh ignored him and continued reciting.

A while later, the scary man reappeared, this time carrying a sword.

The ghost started running towards the sheikh, who got so scared that he ran away and never went back to the house again.

The sheikh came to his father and said that “he will never visit there again“.

I still don’t know what happened that night, but I’m never going camping again!

I went camping in Dhahban with some friends who didn’t know anything about camping.

We were 12 people in total, including my brother and me.

Everyone depended on us for setting up the camp, starting the fire, deflating and inflating the car tires, and everything else.

We arrived at the campsite at around 5 PM, did some dune bashing and quad biking, and then hiked a mountain to watch the sunset.

We spent the rest of the night chilling, talking, playing baloot, and grilling burgers and hot dogs.

At around 2 AM, I decided to surprise everyone by turning off the lights.

A few seconds later, our eyes adjusted to the darkness and we were all looking up at the stars.

Suddenly, we heard a loud scream coming from the mountain we had hiked earlier.

It was a woman’s scream, and it was clear that she was in pain.

We all looked at each other in confusion, some of the people were too scared to move, so I turned on one of the three lights we had brought with us.

Five of us decided to go and investigate, while the others stayed back at the campsite.

We walked for about 5 minutes until we came to a small hill.

We saw a shadow of a cat on top of it, but when I flashed my light on it, there was nothing there.

That was enough for us to decide to head back, and so we did.

We walked back in the same path that we had taken, but this time it felt like we were walking for much longer.

I tried to call someone who wasn’t with us, but there was no signal.

The mountain we had hiked was still visible in the distance, but we couldn’t seem to reach it.

After about 20 minutes of walking, we saw a large shadow of someone on top of the mountain.

The shadow was not humanlike.

It had long arms and a tiny head.

Our flashlights weren’t strong enough to reach it, so we started running.

Ran for about 10 minutes until we saw our cars and the light I had left on, all shaking, and the us who had gone to investigate were pale as ghosts.

We asked the group that had stayed back and they said they thought it was one of us.

That’s when I knew that something was not right.

A few minutes later, we all saw the shadow again.

This time, it ducked down, as if it was trying to hide.

Then, it started running in the form of a cat along the mountain top.

We had originally planned to leave at sunrise, but at 3 AM, everyone had enough and we decided to head back.

We packed up our stuff, I inflated the tires, and we were on our way.

I was driving in front, as I was the only one who knew the way back.

I kept a particular mountain as a landmark, as it was very distinctive from the others.

Once I passed it, I knew there was a 7-minute straight drive until an open road.

But I passed that mountain, then I passed it again, then again, I passed it 6 times.

I was too freaked out by everything that had happened, and with no internet and no light, I didn’t know what to do.

I parked and asked my brother to take the lead.

He did for an extra 15 minutes, but then a mountain blocked our way.

We stopped and looked around, surrounded by mountains.

We had prayed all our prayers that day, and it was around time for Fajr.

I led the group in prayer, and after the verse in the last surah, I heard more people saying “Ameen” than there were, I got so scared that I started tearing up, but I continued my prayer.

We finished praying, and it turned out that all of us had heard it.

We got back in the cars and stayed in our spots.

As soon as the sun started rising, we realized that the mountains around us had just disappeared.

I found the way back.

When I got home, my dad called me worried and it we got to know that its been a day and 12 of us didn’t even realized it.

I still don’t know what happened that night, but I’m never going camping in Dhahban again.

Doppelganger try to get intimate with her

I heard this story from my parents, who lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between 2001 and 2003.

They had a family from Southeast Asia as their very next-door neighbours.

The husband had to work most of the month, so he was often away from home.

The wife would often complain to my mother that as soon as her husband left, someone with the same face and build as her husband would come to see her.

The wife was terrified as this doppelgänger tried to get intimate with her, but nothing ever happened.

The doppelgänger had also warned her not to open the door for anyone.

One day, the wife decided to recite the Quran to ward off the doppelgänger.

This enraged the doppelganger, who started howling and throwing things around.

However, he never came close to her.

When the husband returned from work, the wife told him about what had happened.

The doppelganger would always leave when the husband was home.

My parents sometimes used to hear utensils being thrown around in the apartment, and they used to go to check on the family, but the wife rarely open the door.

After the wife told my mother about the incident, my parents were so scared that they decided to move apartments the following week.

My father also said that the husband was not very friendly.

The African student stretched his arm out in an unnaturally long way

The African student stretched his arm out in an unnaturally long way

I heard this story myself when I was a kid, this is one of the famous horror stories in Saudi Arabia, mention in comments if you heard this as well, let’s read.

The story takes place in the 1980s, when Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz was the dean of the Islamic University of Madinah.

As you might know, the rooms in the university are shared by four students, one day, one of the students came home from a long day of classes and was extremely tired.

He lay down on his bed to rest, but before he could fall asleep, he asked the African student who he was rooming with to turn off the lights.

The African student refused and told him to do it himself.

The two students argued back and forth for a few minutes, until suddenly, the African student stretched his arm out in an unnaturally long way and turned off the light switch.

This shocked the other students, who ran out of the room and went straight to Sheikh ibn Baz to tell him that there was a jinn living with them.

The next morning, Sheikh ibn Baz summoned the African student to his office.

He asked the student if he was a human or a jinn.

The student replied that he was a jinn, Sheikh ibn Baz got amazed as he had never met a jinn before.

He asked the jinn why he was at the university.

The jinn explained that he had come from a village in Africa where the people had become misguided.

They had started worshiping idols, and disbelief was widespread.

The jinn wanted to learn about Islam so that he could return to his village and warn his people.

Sheikh ibn Baz was impressed by the jinn’s desire to learn about Islam.

He agreed to allow the jinn to stay at the university, but on one condition: the jinn had to promise not to reveal his true identity or perform any supernatural acts.

The jinn agreed.

Every summer, the university gave each student a round-trip plane ticket to their home country.

However, the jinn declined the ticket.

He said that he did not need a plane to travel home, as he could move from place to place at an extremely fast speed.

The jinn studied at the university for several years, and he learned a great deal about Islam.

When he was ready to return to his village, he thanked Sheikh ibn Baz for his kindness and generosity.

He promised to use his knowledge of Islam to help his people.

The jinn then disappeared, and no one ever saw him again.

However, his story is still told today as a reminder that even the jinn can be inspired by the teachings of Islam.

And Allah knows best.

They took what’s rightfully mine! Allah curse those people!


It was the early 2000s, and a man was driving from Makkah to Riyadh.

He left pretty late, so by the time the sun set, he was only halfway through his journey.

He reached one of the most isolated parts of the road and saw a man hitchhiking.

Not wanting to be a reason for this man’s almost certain death, he decided to take him to his destination, which was Quwaiya.

Once the hitchhiker got into the car, the driver noticed that his head was disproportionately large.

The hitchhiker started getting angry and rambling in Arabic.

He was saying things like “They took what’s rightfully mine! Allah curse those people!”

This terrified the good Samaritan, but he kept driving.

The hitchhiker’s ranting continued, and he eventually started hitting the dashboard out of anger.

The driver was at his wit’s end, so he stopped the car and told the hitchhiker to get out and walk to the nearest town, which was just up ahead.

The area where the hitchhiker was left was one of those failed developments from the 1980s.

The development was now abandoned, and the only thing left was a collection of incomplete, crumbling homes.

The hitchhiker ran into one of these houses that had no door.

The driver started to leave, but then he noticed that the hitchhiker had left his wallet in the car.

He turned his head to see if the man was still there, but what he saw was nothing.

The whole development had disappeared.

Spooked, the driver just drove on to the next town with a police station to hand in the wallet.

However, he was a slightly snoopy guy, so he looked through the wallet out of curiosity.

He found bills from the 1970s, an ID that expired in 1403 (the year 2003 in the Gregorian calendar), a family card with only one other woman (presumably the hitchhiker’s wife), and a mauled-up letter that said “I won’t let them take what’s mine.”

The driver was now even more confused.

What had happened to the hitchhiker?

And what did he mean by “they took what’s rightfully mine”?

He decided to take the wallet to the police, and they agreed to investigate.

The police never found any trace of the hitchhiker or the abandoned development.

The driver’s story was the only evidence they had, and it was just too bizarre to believe.

The case eventually went cold, and the mystery of the hitchhiker with the big head was never solved.

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