MOH Vaccination Centres speed up vaccinations using VFMS by 4C Gate ME

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia was entrusted with vaccinating the maximum number of residents within the last year against COVID-19.

If we talk about Riyadh, the target to reach herb immunity for Riyadh was about 70% (Approximately 10 million doses).

However planned capacity was very limited, and MOH needed to accelerate vaccination cycle to safeguard public ASAP.

So, MOH, KFMC and 4C Gate collaborated to ensure acceleration of the process of vaccination by increasing internal productivity, maximizing capacity, enhancing the quality of visitors, and keeping a track record of each and every visitor.

With expectation of enormous number of visitors, there was a need to have an innovative system to expedite the vaccination process as well as to manage work and visitor flow in an effective way.

There was also a need to keep up with social distancing to prevent the spreading of virus.

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The Solution – Vaccination Flow Management System

The MOH joined hands with KFMC and 4C Gate to implement a smart, robust, and innovative vaccination flow management system (hereafter VFMS) in more than 14 MOH vaccination centres at PHCs, Hilton hotels and malls across Riyadh.

VFMS was made to ensure each & every vaccination centre’s basic requirements and MOH’s needs.

VFMS automated all vaccination processes and managed visitor flow as well, which wound up saving extra costs on manpower and minimized the required hardware, increased daily capacity by 10x, and reduced overall waiting time and journey of the visitor.

Almost the majority of the features were managed with mobile applications and PC software utilizing MOH Vaccination Centres environment accordingly.

The process goes as follows;

  • Visitors will be booking online using MOH’s application.
  •  Once they arrive, visitors will get tokens using Reception Token Kiosk by scanning Booking QR Code and moving to waiting area.
  •  The zone manager will call the visitor in vaccination room using Mobile application.
  •  The visitors waiting in waiting area can see and hear calling ticket numbers from vaccination room through Smart Digital Signage Application.
  •  After vaccination, the nurse can input data into her mobile application and discharge the visitor.
  •  From the start till the end of the vaccination process, the VFMS guide patients as well as staff throughout the whole journey.

The Success Stories

One of a small vaccination centres in Riyadh, the capacity of centre was increased to 1030 doses per day after one week of implementing VFMS.

This is the double of planned capacity of the centre without waiting time.

It got increased day by day and per day capacity reached to 1500 doses that was 3x of the capacity from the planned capacity.

On the other hand, a huge vaccination centre like Hilton centre with around 62 vaccination rooms per day capacity reached to approx. 7500 visitors.

4Cgate installed more than 14 vaccination PHC centres including Hilton Hotel in Riyadh.

All centres have been operated by 4Cgate for more than two years successfully.

4C Gate CEO’s Message

4c Gate‘s CEO Hee Jong Park said, We are Extremely Grateful to Almighty for giving us a chance to be a part to end “COVID-19 Pandemic!”

He added, we succeed with what was promised, the planned capacity was tripled, reached herb immunity before expected time, increased internal productivity, kept a record of each and every visitor as well as of the staff.

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