How to Register NAFATH | نفاذ in Saudi Arabia Easily in 2024

Ah, NAFATH | نفاذ , the magical innovate app that’s transforming how we interact with service providers (and let’s be honest, making life infinitely easier!) offering a unified central access point through secure identity authentication.

But before you can use NAFATH, you gotta jump through the registration hoop.

And trust me, fellow adventurers, with the right info (which I’m gonna mention here), it’s a one-click conquest!

So, buckle up, grab your smartphones, and let’s navigate the wondrous world of NAFATH registration together.

This guide is your trusty compass, packed with expert tips, the latest updates, and even a Q&A treasure chest to answer your burning questions.

By the end, you’ll be NAFATH-ified (yes, I just invented that word).

First Things First: What is NAFATH?

In short, NAFATH is your Digital Gateway to various Service Providers in Saudi Arabia.

Let me explain you in detail below;

Unified Access

NAFATH eliminates the need for multiple logins and passwords across different service providers. 

It acts as a central hub, streamlining your online experiences.

Identity Authentication

At the heart of NAFATH lies robust identity authentication, ensuring that only you can access your personal information and services.

Two Core Products


Approve various requests from integrated agencies, such as logins and service applications, directly within NAFATH.

Activating Vital Characteristics

Verify your identity through biometric features (fingerprints, facial recognition) by matching your data with the National Information Centre’s databases.

NAFATH Registration: Step-by-Step

  • Visit the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple’s App Store (IOS) on your mobile device.
  • Search for “NAFATH” and locate the official app (or use the links above).
  • Click the “Download” button and wait for installation.
  • Once downloaded, open the NAFATH app.
  • Tap the “Activate” button.
  • Enter your Iqama Number and Absher password.
  • Receive and enter the OTP sent to your mobile device through SMS.
  • Create a 6-digit PIN for future logins. Remember this PIN!
  • Enable Face Verification for added convenience.
  • Congratulations! Your NAFATH account is now activated.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to explore the “Settings” section of the NAFATH app.

You can customize your language preferences and etc.

Here’s how you can provide access through NAFATH app: How to: Easily Approve NAFATH Access Request [With Images]

Forgotten NAFATH Password? Here’s how to Reset

Let’s face it, passwords can be slippery little things, and even the most diligent of us can forget them now and then.

But fear not, fellow NAFATH user, because a forgotten NAFATH password isn’t a roadblock to convenience!

Remember, NAFATH doesn’t have a separate password; it piggybacks on your trusty Absher password.

So, before diving into a full-blown reset, let’s try the simplest solution:

  • The Easy Answer: Have you tried your Absher password in the NAFATH app?
  • Absher: If your Absher password remains lost in the memory void, fret not! Absher has designed a password reset journey especially for these moments.

Here’s your roadmap to Absher password recovery:

  • Head to the Absher website.
  • Click “Forgot Password?” (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts: Absher will guide you through the steps to reclaim your digital key.

Pro Tip: Remember, patience is key! Restoring your Absher password might involve one-time codes and verification steps, so allow yourself a few minutes to navigate the process calmly.

Once you’ve successfully retrieved your Absher password, simply try it again in the NAFATH app and Voila, it’s logged in again!

Contact NAFATH

Still facing difficulties?

No worries!

NAFATH stands ready to assist.

Reach out to their dedicated support team through the following channels:


Can I download the NAFATH app from sources other than Google Play Store or Apple Store?

No, it is recommended to download the NAFATH app only from official app stores to ensure the security and integrity of the application.

Can I access the NAFATH app on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access the NAFATH app on multiple devices. However, you’ll need to register and activate the app on each device separately.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with the NAFATH app?

If you encounter any technical issues with the NAFATH app, you can reach out to the official support channels provided above.

Is NAFATH secure?

Absolutely! NAFATH employs advanced security measures to protect your data. As always, practice caution online: use strong passwords, be wary of phishing scams, and keep the app updated.

The End of Registering NAFATH

It was easy, isn’t it?

With that said, this concludes this comprehensive guide to registering for NAFATH in Saudi Arabia.

I hope it has been informative and helpful.

Always remember to keep your NAFATH and Absher passwords secure to protect your personal information.

Embrace the convenience of the NAFATH app and enjoy seamless access to various e-services.

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