NEOM City – Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Marvel

Have you heard of NEOM? It’s like something straight out of the future! 

A sprawling city along the Red Sea coast in northwest Saudi Arabia, designed to be an economic powerhouse and a sustainable haven. 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman introduced the project in 2017 as a part of the Vision 2030 plan, which aims to expand the Saudi economy and lower its dependency on oil.

NEOM was designed to be a huge city with a total size of around 26,500 square kilometres (10,230 square miles), making it larger than many countries.

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NEOM’s Grand Vision

NEOM is still in the planning phases. 

The ambitious project would try to develop a futuristic town and economic zone covering a sizable region along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast. 

Here are a few important facts about the development of NEOM:

  • Ambitious Strategy: NEOM plans to become a global hub for various industries. It’s not a quick fix; it’s a multi-decade journey.
  • Attracting Investments: NEOM actively seeks foreign investments to bring its vision to life. The Saudi government is creating a business-friendly environment to lure international investors.
  • Durability: NEOM takes environmental sustainability seriously. The plan is to have a low carbon footprint and use clean energy sources like wind and solar power.
  • Connectivity: They’re building transport networks, including a rapid train system and an international airport, to improve connection inside NEOM and surrounding areas.

Boosting the Saudi Economy

A vital part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals is the expansion of industries.

NEOM is set to transform Saudi Arabia’s economy by embracing various industries, from technology and clean energy to biotechnology, tourism, and entertainment. 

When Can You Visit?

The good news is that progress is happening fast! NEOM’s CEO, Nadhmi al-Nasr, says they’re on track, with 20% of the construction already done – Argaam.

He has disclosed that one-fifth of the building has already been finished.

Tourists will start flocking in from 2024 when the first phase is ready.

Exciting Projects of the NEOM City

NEOM has some mind-blowing projects in the pipeline:


The Line

One of NEOM’s main projects is “THE LINE.”

It is expected to be a straight-line city that is 170 kilometres long, totally powered by clean energy, and free of roads and vehicles. 

THE LINE Exhibition now welcomes visitors to Riyadh.

It is an amazing mirror-worked structure that is 200 meters wide and 500 meters high above sea level.

THE LINE changes the idea of growth in urban areas and the design of modern cities.

2. Sindalah


December 5, 2022, NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – announced plans to create Sindalah, the first luxury island resort in NEOM and one of the biggest efforts at boosting Saudi Arabia’s overall national tourist policy.

An important entryway, Sindalah is going to begin welcoming visitors in early 2024 to enjoy its beautiful facilities and high offers, creating thousands of jobs.

Several islands will be constructed in NEOM, each with a vision and plan, including Sindalah.



TROJENA, a part of NEOM’s regional plan, is situated in the heart of our natural region 50 kilometres away from the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Nearly 60 square kilometres are covered by mountains between 1,500 and 2,600 meters.

The project sees subzero cold winters and has a light environment all year round that is usually cooler than the rest of the region, which makes it the ideal location for skiing and outdoor activities. 

This project will not only be a beautiful site to visit but also the ideal spot to live and work with its crystal-clear air and expensive vistas.

4. Oxagon

Neom- Oxagon

The Chairman of the NEOM Company announced the opening of Oxagon on November 16, 2021.

It was built on NEOM’s plans to change how people will live and work in the future, forming the next stage of the business’s master plan and working as a bold new model for industrial hubs.

It is considered as the “world’s largest floating structure.”

It covers an important region in NEOM’s southwest corner and will promote the development of a new hub for international trade activities and boost Saudi Arabia’s international trade and commerce. 

5. Nimbus 


NEOM, Saudi Arabia, is set to introduce Nimbus, a unique concept – a luxury hotel inside a hot air balloon. 

Developed by Cornell University students and supported by NEOM, Nimbus will offer guests a five-star experience as it floats above NEOM, making stops at 20 sites. 

Upon landing, this innovative hotel will run on bio-propane and unfold into an eco-friendly canopy. 

Inside, guests will enjoy lavish amenities, from sleeping quarters to private butler service, making it a one-of-a-kind experience in sustainable luxury high above the Saudi skies.

What Attractions are there to Visit

There’s a lot in store:

  • Source of Entertainment: NEOM aims to become a cultural and entertainment centre, hosting performances, festivals, and more.
  • Innovations: Tech enthusiasts will love the labs and creative hubs dedicated to robotics and intelligent machines.
  • Luxury Villas: Luxury resorts with beautiful beaches and swimming activities are expected to be constructed along NEOM’s Red Sea beaches, attracting visitors looking for a top beach vacation.
  • Outdoor Tourism: The various settings around NEOM, such as the mountains, deserts, and beaches, offer chances for adventurous trips, including hiking, rock climbing, and desert safaris.
  • Shopping Hub: Shopaholics, rejoice! Luxury malls and designer shops are on the horizon.
  • Road Structures: Building of transportation networks, such as fast tracks and an international airport, for connection inside NEOM and with the surrounding areas.
  • Food Protection: Policies to maintain healthy food production and decrease dependence on food imports.
  • Healthy Living: With clean energy sources, modern waste management methods, and environmentally friendly behaviours, NEOM intends to be an example of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sports and Nightlife: Get active with golf, tennis, and water sports, and enjoy a vibrant nightlife.

Tips to Visit 

I can give you my personal suggestions that may be useful if you want to visit NEOM in the future as it develops.

  • Keep informed on NEOM’s work and any updates to the guidelines.
  • Make early bookings.
  • Check the documentation requirements, such as visa and entry.
  • Arrange the trip to and inside NEOM. 
  • Understanding a few basic Arabic words might be useful.
  • Learn about the Saudi Riyal, the local currency, and the accepted payment options.

For the latest info and queries, visit NEOM’s official website.


NEOM is an exciting journey into the future. 

With its ongoing development, it’s a place that keeps evolving. 

To stay in the loop, follow NEOM’s announcements and the Saudi Arabian government’s updates.

When you visit NEOM, you’re stepping into a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Exciting, isn’t it?


  • What does NEOM stand for?

The name NEOM comes from “neo” (Greek for ‘new’) and “Mustaqbal” (Arabic for ‘future’), reflecting its futuristic vision.

  • Is NEOM bigger than Dubai?

Yes, NEOM is much bigger than Dubai. It’s like comparing a city to a whole country.

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