Saudi Arabia Football 2024 – A Fan’s Comprehensive Guide

Football, or soccer as some call it, isn’t just a sport in Saudi Arabia; it’s a cultural phenomenon.

Like many Saudi Arabia residents, my earliest memories are laced with the electrifying buzz of the stadium, the chants of “Yalla Khoras!” (“Let’s go, Greens!”), and the euphoria of celebrating goals from our beloved Saudi Arabia Football national team.

Today, I want to share my passion for Saudi football with you, whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer.

Buckle up for a deep dive into the history, achievements, legendary players, and powerhouse clubs that make Saudi football tick.

And of course, I’ll sprinkle in some personal anecdotes and insights along the way – because what’s a good story without a touch of heart?


Saudi Arabia National Football Team Overview

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) might have been established in 1956, but our national team, nicknamed the “Green Falcons” truly soared onto the scene in 1984.

That year, they not only participated in their first Asian Cup but also clinched the coveted trophy, marking the dawn of a golden era.

Saudi Arabia National Team Achievements

Saudi Arabia National Football Team didn’t rest on their laurels.

Remember that iconic green Falcon soaring on the SAFF (Saudi Arabian Football Federation) logo?

It symbolizes a legacy that they became the first Asian team to reach the final of a senior FIFA competition at the 1992 King Fahd Cup (now the Confederations Cup) – a feat only matched by Australia and Japan later.

They went on to win the Asian Cup twice more, in 1988 and 1996, and reached the final in 2007, solidifying their dominance in Asia.

But it wasn’t just continental glory.

Saudi Arabia qualified for the FIFA World Cup a staggering six times: 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2018, and most recently, the 2022 Qatar edition.

By the way, Saudi Arabia has been qualified for 2034 FIFA World Cup as host, said, federation’s president.

Witnessing Majed Abdullah, Saeed Owairan, and the legendary Sami Al-Jaber weave magic on the world stage cemented our national pride and etched their names in footballing folklore.

Saudi Arabia National Football Team Players & Their Achievements

PositionPlayerClubNotable Achievements
GKMohammed Al-OwaisAl-Hilal3x SPL champion, 2019 AFC Champions League winner, 2018 World Cup participant
GKAbdulrahman GhareebAl-Shabab2023 U-23 Asian Cup champion, 2023 SPL Most Promising Goalkeeper
GKNawaf Al-AqidiAl-Ittihad2016 King’s Cup champion
DFHassan TambaktiAl-Shabab2019 AFC Champions League winner
DFAbdullah MaduAl-Nassr2022 Arab Club Championship winner
DFAhmed SharahiliAl-Shabab2022 World Cup participant
DFZiyad Al-SahafiAl-Ittihad2020 King’s Cup champion
DFMohammed Al-BreikAl-Hilal2023 SPL champion
DFSaud AbdulhamidAl-Hilal2023 Champions League participant
DFYasser Al-ShahraniAl-Hilal2018 World Cup participant
DFAbdulelah Al-AmriAl-Nassr2022 Arab Club Championship winner
MFSalman Al-Faraj (Capt.)Al-Hilal2023 SPL champion, 2019 AFC Champions League winner
MFHattan BahebriAl-Shabab2022 World Cup participant
MFSalem Al-Dawsari (VC)Al-Hilal2023 SPL champion, 2019 AFC Champions League winner
MFAli Al-HassanAl-Nassr2022 Arab Club Championship winner
MFSami Al-NajeiAl-Nassr2022 Arab Club Championship winner
MFKhalid Al-GhannamAl-Nassr2022 Arab Club Championship winner
MFAbdulrahman GhareebAl-Ahli2023 U-23 Asian Cup champion
MFAbdulrahman Al-AboudAl-Ittihad2023 U-23 Asian Cup champion
MFAbdulaziz Al-BishiAl-Ittihad2023 U-23 Asian Cup champion
FWMohamed KannoAl-Hilal2023 SPL champion
FWFahad Al-MuwalladAl-Ittihad2020 King’s Cup champion
Note: This list includes some of the most prominent players in the current squad and their notable achievements. The national team roster constantly evolves, and other talented players can be called up depending on form and injuries.

Saudi Arabia Football Clubs

The passion for football isn’t confined to the national team.

Saudi Arabia boasts a vibrant club scene with a league (the Saudi Professional League, or SPL) pulsating with talent and rivalries.

Two names stand out: Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad.

These Riyadh giants have dominated the SPL for years, racking up an astonishing 29 titles between them (17 for Al-Hilal and 12 for Al-Ittihad).

They’ve also made their mark on the continental stage, with Al-Hilal winning the AFC Champions League four times and Al-Ittihad twice.

But don’t underestimate the other clubs.

Al-Nassr (now home to the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo), Al-Shabab, and Al-Ahli Jeddah are formidable forces, and the landscape is constantly shifting with young stars emerging and teams vying for supremacy.

This competitive spirit is what makes the SPL so exhilarating to watch.

Remember, it’s not just about “Saudi Arabia FC” – each club has its own rich history and dedicated fanbase.

Ronaldo and Messi in Saudi Arabia Football

The Saudi football scene is buzzing with ambition, fueled by Vision 2030 and the recent arrival of global superstars.

In 2022, football history was made when Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, signed a record-breaking deal with Al-Nassr.

This ground-breaking move not only catapulted the SPL onto the world stage but also injected unprecedented excitement and investment into the sport.

Ronaldo’s electrifying presence alongside established stars like Salem Al-Dawsari and rising talents like Abdulrahman Ghareeb has ignited the league’s competitive spirit.

His arrival also sparked whispers of Lionel Messi potentially joining Al-Hilal Club, adding another tantalizing chapter to their legendary on-field rivalry.

While Messi’s future in Saudi Arabia remains speculation, the mere possibility further underscores the growing allure of the SPL and its commitment to becoming a global footballing force.

Future of Saudi Arabia Football

The Saudi Arabia football scene is buzzing with ambition.

Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s transformative development plan, includes ambitious goals for football.

Under the leadership of SAFF president Mr. Yasser ALMISEHAL, the focus is on:

  • Investing in infrastructure, with plans for world-class stadiums and training facilities.
  • Picture gleaming green pitches and cutting-edge technology!
  • Increasing youth participation through grassroots programs and academies.
  • The future stars are being nurtured!
  • Attracting global footballing talent, both players and coaches.
  • Ronaldo’s arrival is just the beginning!
  • Establishing Saudi Arabia as a regional and international football powerhouse.
  • Recent initiatives like the launch of the Saudi Women’s Football League and the inclusion of female referees in men’s matches showcase a commitment to inclusivity and development.

How to watch football in Saudi Arabia?

Calling all football fans in Saudi Arabia or those eager to experience the electrifying atmosphere!

Here’s your ultimate guide to catching all the action on the pitch:


Immerse yourself in the electric live experience.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.

Prices vary, but expect affordable general admission options.

Remember, family sections are available at most stadiums for comfortable viewing.

Sports Channels

Don’t miss a kick from the comfort of your couch!

Tune in to channels like SSC Sports, Riyadiya TV KSA Sports, and MBC Pro Sports for live coverage of SPL and national team matches.

Online Streaming

Stream the games on the go!

Platforms like Shahid and Starz Play offer live coverage and convenient viewing options.

Beyond the SPL

The Saudi football scene offers a plethora of options.

Keep an eye out for:

  • King’s Cup: This knockout tournament pits clubs from all tiers against each other, leading to thrilling upsets and underdog victories.
  • Saudi Women’s Football League: Witness the future stars in action and celebrate the growth of women’s football in the Kingdom.
  • National Team: Support the Saudi Arabia Football National Team as they soar on the international stage, aiming for World Cup and Asian Cup glory.


Where can I learn more about Saudi football?

The SAFF website is a great resource for official news, rankings, and player profiles. Additionally, following prominent Saudi football journalists and clubs on social media will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and behind-the-scenes insights. Some more resources are:
SPL website
Live scores and news, Kooora

Which league is currently on in Saudi Arabia?

The SPL is in full swing, with thrilling matches happening every week!

Does Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival impact ticket prices?

Absolutely! Tickets for Al-Nassr matches have skyrocketed since Ronaldo’s arrival, with some VIP seats reaching astronomical prices. However, the SPL remains accessible, with general admission tickets still offering affordable ways to experience the electrifying atmosphere.

Will Messi ever play in Saudi Arabia?

While not confirmed, Messi’s interest in the region has been well-documented. His potential arrival would undoubtedly revolutionize the league and further solidify Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a footballing powerhouse.

Who are the best Saudi players of all time?

This is a tough one, as Saudi Arabia has produced many legends. But names like Majed Abdullah, Saeed Owairan, Sami Al-Jaber, Mohammad Al-Deayea, Saleh Al-Shehri, and Osama Hawsawi consistently top the list.

What are the biggest rivalries in Saudi Arabia football?

The Al-Hilal vs. Al-Ittihad derby is undoubtedly the fiercest. However, regional rivalries like Al-Shabab vs. Al-Ahli Jeddah and Al-Nassr vs. Al-Riyadh add extra spice to the local scene.

Conclusion on Saudi Arabia Football

And that concludes your comprehensive tour of Saudi Arabia football!

I hope this has ignited your passion for the game as much as it has mine.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer, I encourage you to delve deeper into this vibrant world.

Who knows, you might just become the next die-hard Saudi Arabia football supporter!

Yalla, Ma Salama!

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