How many SIM Card Types are available in Saudi Arabia?

There are several types of SIM cards available in Saudi Arabia depending on your needs and preferences.

While choosing any Sim card type, you need to be very careful.

In my case, I’m using Post-paid SIM card, because I like to pay one-time monthly without any hurdle for a whole month.

Also, it never disconnects even if I don’t pay on time as there is a leverage of 21 days before you can pay your bill of last month. – Zain

Well, here I’m going to state almost every SIM type available in the Saudi Arabia.

By the way, it’s not only Post-paid or Pre-paid.

Pre-paid SIM cards

With this SIM card type, you can top up your account with credit and use it to make calls, send SMS, and access data.

You can use Prepaid if you’re over-spender though as this SIM card type is typically for those who want to control their expenses and limit their usage.

Post-paid SIM cards

Post-paid SIM cards on the other hand, are usually for those who have a steady income and who prefer to have a fixed monthly bill, as I have mentioned above.

Using this SIM card, you will pay a fixed monthly fee for your calls, SMS, and data usage and gets monthly bills.

Data-only SIM card

This type of SIM card is design for users who only need data access and do not require voice calling or SMS services.

Data-only SIM cards are a good option for tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, After-market LCDs in your car and other several devices that require internet access through Sim Cards.

Tourist SIM card

Tourist SIM card is an option for someone who’s on Visit Visa, Umrah Visa or for a temporary span of time in Saudi Arabia.

Tourist SIM cards typically offer a limited amount of data and calling minutes and can be purchased at airports and other tourist destinations.

Corporate SIM card

This type of SIM card is especially designed for businesses and organizations to offer customized plans and services for their employees.

Corporate SIM cards typically offer discounts and other benefits for companies that sign up for multiple lines.

Here we Go!

It is important to compare the different options and plans offered by different service providers before choosing a SIM card type that best meets your needs.

Additionally, some mobile service providers offer specialized SIM cards for international roaming, long-term data plans, and more which can be useful for those who frequently travel outside of Saudi Arabia.

Now it’s your call.

Let’s us know in the comments below about which SIM card type you guys prefer?

Till then, signing off!

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