How to Check Iqama Color Status (Nitaqat) Online in 2024?

Checking Iqama Red/Green/Platinum color status is really important as it enables a lot of favours for employer if the Company is in Green.

But, if it is not Green/Platinum then there are several things which employer can’t do, it is like hanging on a bridge!

What is Nitaqat Saudization Program?

First things first, if you don’t know what is Nitaqat, let me explain you in detail as this is important to have this knowledge.

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) initiated in 2011 a nationalization initiative known as Nitaqat Saudization.

This is a fantastic effort that will help the economy and create jobs.

To explain it in a nutshell, private companies are urged to hire more Saudi nationals under this scheme, the more the Saudi Nationals a company have, the more higher status the company will get.

What does it mean by Red/Green/Platinum Color Status?

Red (أحمر)

Red status indicates that the business is not in compliance with government rules & regulations of Nitaqat Saudization.

So, if your company status is in Red it means the company unable to perform governmental tasks such as renewing Iqama of the employees or hiring new employees etc.

Low/Medium/High Green (اخضر)

Green status indicates that the business complies with regulations but the higher the status of the Green like Medium or High, the company may have more benefits.

Platinum (البلاتين)

Platinum status allows companies to exceptional benefits and signifies that the business complies with all regulations.

How to Check Iqama Red/Green/Platinum Status?

To check your Iqama color status on the MOL KSA website, follow these four simple steps below.

  • Go to the Ministry of Labour (MOL) / Wazarat Amal website by clicking here.
  • Fill out your “Iqama Number” as shown in the image above.
  • Enter “Captcha image code”.
  • Now click the “Green” button, which is as “بحث” in Arabic.
  • Now you’ll be shown your Company Color Status.

Bottom Line

If you’ve got any queries or issues while checking your iqama color status – nitaqat, let us know and we’ll love to help you.

Also, in case if we have missed something in this guide, kindly write down below in the comments.

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