Check Iqama Huroob Status Online – 2 Working Methods [2024]

In the realm of Saudi Arabian labor law, the term “Iqama Huroob” holds significant importance.

It refers to a specific legal status that affects the employment status of foreign workers in the country.

Understanding the meaning and implications of Huroob is crucial for both employers and employees alike.

So, today I’m going to explain the concept of Huroob, its implications, and how to check iqama huroob status online.

What does Huroob mean?

The literal meaning of huroob is “runaway/absconding”.

A worker who’s runaway from the work, refuses to work, or refuses to come to work without the permission from the employer, so the government gives an authority to the employer to file Huroob against that employee.

This can include cases where employees fail to show up for work for an extended period, abandon their job, or simply disappear without notice.

There might be a lot of other reasons if your employer file Huroob against you, I don’t want to dig into deeper.

However, worker who is flagged as Huroob loses all of his legal and Jawazat rights such as Salary, End of Services, and several other perks.

If your employer put Huroob on your Iqama, to confirm that you have to check your Iqama Huroob status.

Types of Huroob/Absent from Work

Now, let’s delve into the different types of Huroob or Absent from Work:

  • Unauthorized absence, this type of Huroob occurs when an employee fails to report to work without obtaining prior permission from their employer.
  • Absconding refers to the act of intentionally avoiding work and not reporting to the employer for an extended period.
  • In some cases, an employer may terminate an employee without giving proper notice. If you believe that you have been terminated unfairly, consult a lawyer to understand your rights and explore possible legal remedies.
  • Instances where an employee violates labor laws, such as engaging in illegal activities or breaching employment terms, can also result in the imposition of Huroob status.

What to do if your Status is Huroob?

If you find that you are in Huroob status, that is alarming and you will be needing to take several steps to rectify the situation.

Let us state 2 useful tips down below to rectify your Huroob:

  1. You can do this by contacting your current employer and requesting that they transfer your Iqama to a new employer.
  2. You can also contact the MHRSD and request that they remove the Huroob status from your Iqama.

To prevent Huroob status, it is essential for both employers and employees to uphold the terms of the employment contract.

How to Check Huroob Status using MOL Website?

To check your huroob status on the MOL KSA website, follow these four simple steps below.

  • Go to the Ministry of Labour (MOL) / Wazarat Amal website by clicking here.
  • Fill out your “Iqama Number” as shown in the image above.
  • Enter “Captcha image code”.
  • Now click the “Green” button, which is written as “بحث” in Arabic.
  • Now you’ll be shown your Employment Status.

Meaning of the Arabic Phrases

  • The meaning of the phrase “متغيب عن العمل” is “Absent from Work”.
  • The meaning of the phrase “علي رأس العمل” is “On Duty”.

Tip: If you don’t understand Arabic, use the Google translator to translate this page into English.

How to Check Huroob Status using Absher?

In case if you want to check through Absher platform, here are steps below.

  • Login to Absher by selecting “Individuals”.

If you can’t login that implies that your account has been disabled which eventually means, you have huroob on your Iqama.

Final Words on Checking Iqama Huroob

To check iqama huroob status online we have mentioned 2 methods above which are easy and anyone can utilize it to check iqama huroob status.

Hope we helped you.

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