How to File a Case on False Huroob in 2023?

In Saudi Arabia, many employees face job loss, fines, or even deportation when their sponsors falsely report ‘Huroob’ against them.

But what if you’re at work and still get slapped with an ‘absent’ label?

Well, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has come up with a way for expat employees to step up and challenge these false huroob reports, all to make sure your rights stay protected.

Understanding Huroob and Fighting False Claims

In Saudi Arabia, they use the word ‘Huroob’ to talk about someone escaping from their job or sponsor. 

But here’s the thing, it’s not allowed.

If you leave or switch jobs without your sponsor’s permission, they might label you as having ‘Huroob’ status. 

Employers can report ‘Huroob’ when an employee is absent from work to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

But sometimes, they misuse it, and that’s when it becomes ‘False Huroob’.

So, if you ever need to fight back against a false huroob claim, here’s what you can do.

Submit a Report Against False Huroob

The Ministry of Labor offers a “friendly settlements” service to report false huroob. 

To submit a complaint:

  • Access the “Individuals Service” section in English.
  • Select “Case Management- رفع دعوى التسوية الودية
  • Now, choose ”  إثبات كيدية  ‎‎‎بلاغ تغيب طلب- Request to Prove Huroob False.”
  • Fill out the claim form with the required details.
  • Attach supporting documents as PDF files required by the Labor Court portal.
  • Click “Save Request.”
  • Notifications will be sent to both the worker and the employer regarding the report.

Filing the Complaint Form

The complaint form requires the following details

  • Case number of the huroob report.
  • Date of huroob report submission.
  • Start and end dates of the work contract.
  • Date of the last received salary.
  • The reason for the absence or a statement that you were at work.
  • Attach all relevant supporting documents.

Conditions to Prove False Huroob

The labor of ministry considers huroob as false and malicious under certain conditions:

  • When the worker proves they were at work on the reported date of huroob submission.
  • If the worker has evidence of being hospitalized due to illness during the reported escape period.
  • If the employee was detained by the police for any reason.
  • If the employee files a case (lawsuit) against the employer before the huroob report date.
  • If a similar case is already in court.
  • If the employer suspends the worker and then reports huroob.

Resolving Huroob Disputes

If you and your employer agree on a friendly settlement, the case is solved within 21 days, and you receive the settlement. 

But if no friendly agreement happens, and the labor office rejects your complaint, you can take your case to the administrative court. 

You can also ask for compensation for the losses you’ve faced. If the court sees your evidence as strong, it might clear your huroob status and compensate you for your lost salary during the termination period.

Moreover, if a false huroob is proven, the ministry stated that it will stop its services for 5 years to employers who play with the future of expatriate workers by manipulating huroob reports against them- Arab News

How Employers Can Avoid Reporting False Huroob

Employers can avoid embarrassment by conducting thorough investigations before submitting absenteeism reports. 

Even if reported, they can cancel the report within 20 days from the date of submission under certain conditions.

Final Words

The Saudi Ministry of Labor has a solid system to tackle false huroob claims protecting the rights of expat employees and holding employers accountable for unjust reporting. 

If you believe you are a victim of a false huroob, follow the outlined steps to seek justice and compensation.

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