How to Get International Driving License in Saudi Arabia?

I recently got my international driving license for traveling abroad from Saudi Arabia.

If you’re thinking of doing the same then you’ll need the international one.

Your Saudi driving License works fine if you’re driving in the Middle East and there is no need for an international one.

I’ll show you the steps I followed to make my Saudi license work in 150+ countries.


To secure an International Driving License, all you need is:

  • Original Saudi driving license + copy
  • Copy of passport
  • Original Iqama + copy
  • Passport size photograph
  • Fee: SR 150

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Application Process to Get International Driving License

  • Apply through SATA.
  • Fill in your personal details like first name, last name, place, date of birth, etc according to your passport.
personal information on SATA
  • Provide your Saudi driving license details, including license number, type (Car-Light Motor Vehicle), place of issue, and expiry date.
international driving license details
  • Attach the required documents, including a picture of the front page of your driving license, passport, and a passport-size photo.
driving license photo
  • Now, pick the delivery option that works for you.

If you’re in Saudi Arabia, decide if you want the license delivered to your doorstep or if you’d rather collect it from specific branches in Riyadh.

For those outside Saudi Arabia, choose International Delivery.

Keep in mind, if you opt for delivery, there will be extra charges for the courier service.

  • Check the confirmation box and then click “Next.”
  • This step will show you a breakdown of the fees involved.


The IDP costs 150 SAR and includes a printed copy and a digital copy.

Validity of the License

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid for one year from the date it’s issued.

Remember to renew it before each trip to comply with international regulations.


How much is an international driving license in Saudi Arabia?

The international driving license in Saudi Arabia costs 150 SAR, covering your photo and driver’s details. It includes both printed and digital copies, with the digital version available within 2 hours for immediate use.

Can I drive in the UAE with an international driving license?

Yes, to drive in the UAE, you must have an International Driving Permit (IDP). It’s a necessary document for visitors to rent and drive a car legally in the Emirates.


When you’re planning to travel internationally from Saudi Arabia, don’t forget about your international driving license.

It’s easy to get – just follow the steps in this guide.

My tip: do it ahead of time, so you’re all set for your trip.

Don’t let paperwork be a roadblock to your international travels. 

Have a great time on your travels!

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