How To Register in Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE)? [2024]

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Let’s face it, as an expat living in the dynamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia, navigating the complexities of residency permits and professional requirements can feel like trekking through uncharted territory.

One of the biggest hurdles for engineers, both local and international, is the mandatory registration with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).

But fear not, fellow engineers!

I’m here to equip you with the ultimate guide which includes: 136 Professions List, Registration Process, Benefits, Rejection Reasons, Jawazat Update & Yaqeen Verification, FAQs and advices.

Let’s do it!

Why Register with the Saudi Council of Engineers?

Think of the Saudi Council of Engineers as the gatekeeper to the engineering world in Saudi Arabia.

If your Iqama (residence permit) lists your profession under their umbrella, then registering with the Saudi Council of Engineers isn’t just an option – it’s a legal requirement for Iqama renewal.

This ensures you meet the necessary qualifications and adhere to professional standards, ultimately safeguarding the public from any shoddy engineering practices.

Who Needs to Register in Saudi Council of Engineers?

The list of professions under the Saudi Council of Engineers’ domain stretches long and wide with 136 professions, encompassing everything from architects and surveyors to electricians and telecom technicians.

136 Professions Linked to the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) for Iqama Renewal in English with Description

Here I’ve compiled a list in the table with English professions & their description for better understanding who are eligible for Saudi Council of Registration.

Index #Profession (English)Description
1Building SurveyorConducts surveys of buildings and land to assess their condition and suitability for development or renovation.
2Road surveyorSurveys roads and highways to determine their condition and plan for maintenance or repair.
3SurveyorMeasures and maps land and other areas using specialized equipment and techniques.
4Architectural DraughtsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for buildings and other structures.
5General SurveyorPerforms a variety of surveying tasks, such as measuring land, mapping, and setting out construction projects.
6Mine SurveyorSurveys mines and mineral deposits to determine the extent and quantity of resources.
7Photographic surveyorUses photographs and other aerial imagery to create maps and surveys.
8Architectural Model MakerConstructs scale models of buildings and other structures.
9Construction Draughtsman / BuildingsPrepares detailed drawings and plans for building construction.
10Structural Draughtsman / RoadsPrepares detailed drawings and plans for road construction.
11General DraughtsmanPerforms a variety of drafting tasks, such as preparing technical drawings, illustrations, and diagrams.
12DraughtsmanPrepares technical drawings and illustrations, working from specifications and sketches.
13CartographerCreates and designs maps, using specialized software and techniques.
14Building Technician / Building SupervisorSupervises the construction and maintenance of buildings.
15Road Technician / Road SupervisorSupervises the construction and maintenance of roads.
16Quantity SurveyorEstimates the cost of construction projects.
17Soil Mechanics Laboratory TechnicianPerforms laboratory tests on soil and rock samples.
18Structural Materials Lab TechnicianPerforms laboratory tests on structural materials, such as concrete and steel.
19Associate SurveyorAssists a surveyor with surveying tasks.
20Digital mapping technicianCreates and updates digital maps using specialized software.
21Digital aerial survey TechnicianConducts aerial surveys using digital imaging technology.
22Surveyor and Field InvestigatorConducts surveys and investigations of land and other areas.
23Digital Aerial Scanning Equipment OperatorOperates equipment used to collect digital aerial survey data.
24Cartography First SupervisorSupervises the printing of maps.
25Marine mapping technicianCreates maps of underwater features.
26Quantity SurveyorEstimates the cost of construction projects.
27Electrical DraftsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for electrical installations.
28Mechanical DraftsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for mechanical equipment.
29Electrical Designs draftsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for electrical designs.
30Power plants – installation TechnicianInstalls and maintains equipment in power plants.
31Power plants – O&M technicianOperates and maintains equipment in power plants.
32Power plants switching – installation TechnicianInstalls and maintains equipment used to switch electricity in power plants.
33Power plants – switching O&M technicianOperates and maintains equipment used to switch electricity in power plants.
34Electrical technician – aerial linesInstalls and maintains overhead electrical lines.
35Electrical technician – land cablesInstalls and maintains underground electrical cables.
36Customer Services Electrical TechnicianProvides electrical service to customers.
37Electrical technician – wiringInstalls and maintains electrical wiring in buildings.
38Electrical technician – equipment MaintenanceMaintains electrical equipment.
39Electrical technician – precision equipmentMaintains and repairs precision electrical equipment.
40Electrical Engineering Technician – GeneralPerforms a variety of electrical engineering tasks.
41Electronics TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs electronic equipment.
42Telecommunications Technician – GeneralInstalls, maintains, and repairs telecommunications equipment.
43Desalination Fire Alarm TechnicianInstalls and maintains fire alarm systems in desalination plants.
44Electrical Technician – Generators & aircraft MotorsMaintains and repairs generators and aircraft motors.
45Electronic Technician – CommunicationsInstalls, maintains, and repairs communications equipment.
46Medical Equipment TechnicianMaintains and repairs medical equipment.
47Electronic Technician – TV MaintenanceMaintains and repairs televisions.
48Electronic Technician – Control EquipmentInstalls, maintains, and repairs control equipment.
49Electricity technicianPerforms a variety of electrical tasks, such as installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical equipment.
50Electronic DraftsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for electronic devices and circuits.
51Electronic Technician – Radio broadcastInstalls, maintains, and repairs radio broadcasting equipment.
52Electronic Technician – TV broadcastInstalls, maintains, and repairs television broadcasting equipment.
53Computer TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs computer hardware and software.
54Communications Engineering TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs communications equipment.
55Mobile Telephone TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs mobile phones and cell phone networks.
56Telephone TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs telephones and telephone lines.
57General System AnalystAnalyzes and designs computer systems to meet the needs of an organization.
58Operations AnalystAnalyzes and improves the efficiency of business operations.
59Computer ProgrammerWrites computer programs to meet specific needs.
60Computer Networks Security SupervisorOversees the security of computer networks.
61Data Bank Systems ProgrammerWrites and maintains computer programs for databases.
62Database SupervisorOversees the operation and maintenance of databases.
63Computer TrainerTrains people how to use computers and software.
64Business Analysis SpecialistAnalyzes business processes and develops solutions to improve their efficiency.
65Database AdministratorManages and maintains databases.
66Systems Operation SpecialistOperates and maintains computer systems.
67Technical Services SpecialistProvides technical support to users of computer systems and software.
68Technical Support SpecialistProvides technical support to users of computer systems and software.
69Software Development SpecialistDesigns, develops, and tests software applications.
70Information Security SpecialistImplements and maintains security measures to protect computer systems and data.
71Software Engineering SpecialistDesigns, develops, and maintains software systems.
72Computer OperatorOperates computer systems and performs routine tasks.
73Computer Network TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs computer networks.
74Support TechnicianProvides technical support to users of computer systems and software.
75General Mechanical DraftsmanPrepares detailed drawings and plans for mechanical equipment.
76Mechanical Draftsman – Plumbing and heatingPrepares detailed drawings and plans for plumbing and heating systems.
77Mechanical Draftsman – Air Conditioning & CoolingPrepares detailed drawings and plans for air conditioning and cooling systems.
78Mechanical Draftsman- Welding & TinplatePrepares detailed drawings and plans for welding and tinplate work.
79Mechanical Engineering Technician -GeneralPerforms a variety of mechanical engineering tasks.
80Mechanical Production TechnicianAssists mechanical engineers with design, production, and testing of equipment.
81Welding TechnicianWelds metal parts together using various techniques.
82Welding TesterTests welds for strength and quality.
83Casting TechnicianCreates molds for casting metal parts.
84Mold TechnicianCreates and maintains molds for casting and forming materials.
85Heat Exchanger TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs heat exchangers.
86Plumbing & Heating Technician – InstallationInstalls plumbing and heating systems.
87Plumbing & Heating Technician – Operation & MaintenanceOperates and maintains plumbing and heating systems.
88Air Conditioning & Refrigeration TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
89HVAC TechnicianPerforms a variety of tasks related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
90Mechanical Engineering & Steam Engine TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs mechanical equipment and steam engines.
91Light Vehicle Maintenance TechnicianPerforms routine maintenance and repairs on light vehicles.
92Bus and Truck Maintenance TechnicianPerforms maintenance and repairs on buses and trucks.
93Road Machinery Maintenance TechnicianMaintains and repairs road construction and maintenance machinery.
94Agricultural Machinery Maintenance TechnicianMaintains and repairs agricultural machinery.
95Engine Lathing TechnicianOperates engine lathes to machine metal parts.
96Helicopter Maintenance TechnicianPerforms maintenance and repairs on helicopters.
97Aviation TechnicianPerforms a variety of maintenance and repair tasks on aircraft.
98Aircraft Maintenance TechnicianPerforms specialized maintenance and repair tasks on aircraft.
99Ship Engine Maintenance TechnicianPerforms maintenance and repairs on ship engines.
100Locomotive Maintenance TechnicianMaintains and repairs locomotives.
101Fluid TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs fluid systems, such as hydraulics and pneumatics.
102Steam Turbine Technician -OperationOperates and maintains steam turbines.
103Steam Turbine Technician – MaintenancePerforms maintenance and repairs on steam turbines.
104Gas Turbine TechnicianInstalls, maintains, and repairs gas turbines.
105General Maintenance TechnicianPerforms a variety of maintenance tasks on equipment and machinery.
106Production Engineering TechnicianDesigns and implements production processes.
107Time and Movement TechnicianAnalyzes time and movement data to improve efficiency.
108Cathodic Protection TechnicianInstalls and maintains cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion.
109Swimming Pool Maintenance TechnicianMaintains swimming pools and ensures water quality.
110General Chemistry Laboratory TechnicianPerforms chemical tests on a variety of materials.
111Crude Oil Laboratory TechnicianAnalyzes crude oil samples to determine its properties and quality.
112Water Laboratory TechnicianPerforms chemical tests on water samples to ensure its safety and quality.
113Food Lab TechnicianPerforms chemical tests on food products to ensure their safety and quality.
114General Chemical TechnicianPerforms a variety of chemical tasks in a laboratory or production environment.
115Chemical Refining TechnicianOperates equipment and processes to refine chemicals.
116Chemical Cleaning TechnicianCleans and maintains chemical equipment and processes.
117Food Industries TechnicianPerforms a variety of tasks in the food processing industry.
118Paint Industries TechnicianPerforms a variety of tasks in the paint manufacturing industry.
119Mining TechnicianAssists with mining operations and equipment maintenance.
120Metallurgy TechnicianPerforms metallurgical tests and analyzes metals for their properties.
121Oil TechnicianPerforms a variety of tasks related to oil exploration and production.
122Drilling TechnicianOperates drilling equipment and performs related tasks.
123Natural Minerals TechnicianAnalyzes and evaluates natural mineral deposits.
124Metal Ovens TechnicianMaintains and repairs metal ovens and furnaces.
125Factory Planning DraftsmanCreates detailed drawings and plans for factory layouts.
126Industrial Equipment Installation TechnicianInstalls and maintains industrial equipment.
127Security & Safety TechnicianImplements and maintains security and safety systems.
128Occupational Health TechnicianMonitors and maintains worker health and safety in the workplace.
129Fire Fighting TechnicianPerforms fire prevention and protection duties.
130Water Networks TechnicianInstalls and maintains water networks and infrastructure.
131Network Sewer TechnicianMaintains and repairs sewer networks and infrastructure.
132Sewage Treatment Plant TechnicianOperates and maintains sewage treatment plants.
133Water & Sewage TechnicianPerforms a variety of tasks related to water and sewage systems.
134Sound TechnicianInstalls, operates, and maintains sound equipment.
135Lighting TechnicianDesigns and sets up lighting for events and productions.
136Decoration TechnicianDesigns and installs decorative elements for interiors and exteriors.

Some Benefits of Joining Saudi Council of Engineers

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) offers a number of benefits to its members, including:

Formal Recognition of Qualifications

Registration with the Saudi Council of Engineers provides formal recognition of an engineer’s and technicians qualifications and expertise, which can be valuable for career advancement and professional networking.

Increased Credibility

Having Saudi Council of Engineers membership can enhance your credibility and reputation in the eyes of employers, clients, and colleagues.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Saudi Council of Engineers members have access to exclusive opportunities such as government contracts, professional development programs, and networking events.

Leadership Development

The Saudi Council of Engineers offers leadership development programs and workshops to help members develop their leadership skills and advance their careers.


Saudi Council of Engineers members receive discounts on a variety of products and services, including insurance, travel, and entertainment.

Access to the Saudi Council of Engineers Library

The Saudi Council of Engineers library provides members with access to a wide range of engineering resources, including books, journals, and online databases.

Networking Opportunities

The Saudi Council of Engineers offers a variety of networking events that allow members to connect with other engineers and build relationships.

Participation in Professional Committees

Saudi Council of Engineers members can participate in professional committees that help to shape the future of the engineering profession in Saudi Arabia.

What is Saudi Council of Engineers Registration Fees?

  • SR 500 Registration Fee
  • SR 200/year Membership Fee for technicians
  • SR 250/year Membership Fee for engineers
  • Total Fee: SR 700 for technicians and SR 750 for engineers

Step-by-step Registration Process of Saudi Council of Engineers

To become a part of the Saudi Council of Engineers community, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather Required Documents

  • Passport-sized Photographs scanned
  • Iqama scanned copy
  • Passport scanned copy (first page)
  • If applicable, Letter of Introduction attested by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Degree or Diploma attested by the MOFA
    • Note: Make sure it’s not fake as you might be deported. – Arab News
  • Academic Transcript or Marksheet

2. How to Register Saudi Council of Engineers?

  • Visit the SCE webpage and enter details such as your email, nationality, mobile number, and membership classification i.e., engineer or technician, to get registered for the first time.
SCE account
  • Your account will be verified successfully once you enter the verification code sent to your mobile number.
  • Now, login to your SCE account by entering the same email address and password you entered for registration.
  • Upon login, it will display the page where you need to choose an Iqama number in identity type details then provide the Iqama number, your date of birth, passport number and Iqama Profession.
SCE login
  • Then, on the next page just upload your photo and fill in where you were born, your region, and your city of residence.
  • The system will automatically get the rest of your details like your name, job title, date of birth, and your employer’s name from the Jawazat.
enter details
  • Choose the membership duration and pay the respective fee i.e. SR 200/year for technicians and SR 250/year for engineers.
SCE membership

Saudi Council of Engineers Registration for Diploma Holders and Technicians Without a Diploma

Diploma HoldersTechnicians without a Diploma
Reply with ‘Yes’ in response to having a Diploma certificate.Reply with ‘No’ in response to having a Diploma certificate.
Enter details of:
-Graduation Year
-College/University Name
Complete the temporary registration process even if you don’t have a degree or diploma, but your profession is one of the 136 professions listed.
Upload all required documents.

Obtain your employer’s letter, stamped by the Chamber of Commerce
Warning: SCE technician registration without a diploma is valid for 12 months. After this period, you must either change your Iqama profession or obtain a relevant certificate for your work. 
Failure to do so will result in the discontinuation of SCE registration.
Note: In order to get membership for technicians without an attested diploma might obtain experience certificates from their employer and submit them in place of attested diploma certificates.
SCE Attachments

3. Verification and Payment

  • Pay SR 500 registration fee. (Registration request audited only after fee payment.)
  • SADAD bill number will be sent to you after registration.
  • Pay membership fee upon request.
  • Await Yaqeen verification status.
  • Jawazat will be updated after successful verification.

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4. How to Get Certificate from Saudi Council of Engineers?

When you submit your documents to SCE, you will not get your membership card instantly.

It might take 1 to 2 months for verification.

Follow these steps to print SCE card:

  • Once verified, you’ll get a message confirming that your qualification is valid. Now you can print your membership card.
verification msg
  • Log in to your SCE portal and go to E-Services. Look for the certificate request and membership card section.
certificate request and membership card
  • Click on “Add new request,” provide the necessary information, and upload your photo.
  • You’ll receive an SMS instructing you to pay a bill of SR50 through SADAD payment, if you chose to be delivered by courier or you can visit Saudi Council of Engineers office in Riyadh, Jeddah or your city to collect the card and certificate.
  • Expect your card and official certificate to be delivered to the provided address within 3 to 4 days.

Why Saudi Council of Engineers Registration Might Be Rejected?

  • Incomplete or unclear documents.
  • Degree not attested by Saudi Culture and the Saudi Embassy.
  • Fake documentation.
  • Engineers who don’t have experience of 5 years.
  • Technicians without Diploma with less than 5 years of experience.
  • Iqama profession is reserved for Saudis.

How to Delete Saudi Council of Engineers Account?

You can’t delete your SCE account online and there is no clearly mentioned way to delete the account.

However, in the official FAQs of SCE it states that “You can only delete your account if you’re newly registered and haven’t paid any fees“.

Anyways, one of my friends used the method I’m mentioning below to delete the Saudi Council of Engineers account after he paid fees and the profile was pretty old enough.

1. Contact your employer

Request them to write a letter formally requesting your SCE account deactivation. 

Be sure to include your full name, Iqama number, and account details in the letter.

2. Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Get the letter attested by the Chamber of Commerce. 

This verifies its authenticity and ensures its validity with the SCE.

3. Submit the letter

Head over below where I mentioned how to book an appointment and schedule your appointment with SCE.

Attend your appointment and present the attested letter to the SCE representative. 

They will process your request and deactivate your account within a specified timeframe.

4. Registration Again (After 10-15 days)

Once your account is deleted, you can register again with the SCE after a waiting period of 10-15 days.

However, you’ll need to use a new email address during the registration process and can follow the same method mentioned above.

Booking an Appointment with Saudi Council of Engineers

To visit SCE offices, book an appointment through the SCE website.

  • Open SCE website and select branch and period.
appointment booking
  • Choose from available appointments.
choose from available dates
  • Enter your name, ID number (Iqama Number), and mobile number.
3rd stepof appointment
  • Confirm and save the appointment confirmation. Make sure to print it or save it.
confirm your appointment

How to Renew Saudi Council of Engineers Membership?

SCE membership expires yearly, 2 yearly, or as you have fixed it so as soon as it expires, you will receive an SMS to renew it.

To renew your Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) membership, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Saudi Council of Engineers account.
  • Scroll down until you locate the “Renew Membership” button.
SCE renewal
  • Please note that this option becomes available 90 days before your SCE membership expires.
  • On the new page, click on the “Add New Request” button.
SCE renew 2
  • On the next page, provide the following details:
    • The duration for SCE membership renewal.
    • Iqama number
    • Iqama expiry date
enter details
  • The system will automatically display the associated cost for the selected duration.
  • Finally, submit your renewal request.

Renewal fee of Saudi Council of Engineers

The renewal fee for Saudi Council of Engineers membership is:

  • Engineers: SR 250/year.
  • Technicians: SR 200/year.

After submitting this information, the SCE website will generate a request number for your membership renewal.

request number for SCE membership
  • Also, you will receive an SMS for payment of the renewal fee through SADAD payment
Renewal fee through SADAD
  • Check your account again after making the payment.
  • You will find the notification of “Renewal accepted.”
Renewal accepted

Now, your membership for the next duration will be validated and you can see the status of Valid Membership on your profile.

Renewing Temporary Membership of Saudi Council of Engineers

When it comes to renewing your temporary membership with the Saudi Council of Engineers, there are two scenarios in which renewal is possible:

  • Change the Iqama profession.
  • Provide the degree/certificate that is directly relevant to your profession.

Convert Temporary Saudi Council of Engineers Membership to Permanent

If you’ve obtained the relevant degree or certificate for your profession and want to convert your temporary membership to a normal one, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your SCE account and click on the option to “convert temporary membership to permanent”.
SCE account
  • Click on the “Add New Request” button.
Convert Temporary SCE Membership to Permanent
  • Upload the required degree/certificate.
  • Once the request status changes to “completed,” it means the Saudi Council of Engineers has converted your temporary membership to the normal one.

After conversion, follow the renewal procedure explained earlier, and your membership will be renewed after making the payment.

Important Note: If your request to convert temporary membership is not accepted after a few days, you can book an SCE appointment (as described above) and visit them.

How to update Jawazat and verify Yaqeen in Saudi Council of Engineers?

Ah, the dreaded red cross on the SCE platform – it can be enough to send shivers down any engineer’s spine.

Especially when it comes with the taunting question: “Is Jawazat updated? Is Yaqeen verified?”.

Worry not, fellow engineers, for this I will illuminate the path to turning those red crosses into glorious green ticks!

Why this happens?

Firstly, let’s address the issue of why it happens?

Yaqeen and Jawazat verification are two sides of the same coin.

If your Jawazat information doesn’t match your SCE membership, the Yaqeen and Jawazat verification will remain incomplete, leaving you with that red cross.

For example, imagine you’re a technician with an engineer’s qualifications.

You apply for the engineer membership in the SCE, but your Iqama profession still lists you as a technician.

This mismatch between your membership and Iqama profession is the culprit behind the red cross!

How to Fix?

So, how do we turn this frown upside down? You have options:

Iqama Profession Change

Change your Iqama profession to match your desired SCE membership.

Membership Change

Adapt your SCE membership to match your current Iqama profession.

You can always upgrade later once your Iqama reflects your desired profession.

Jawazat Update Option

If all else fails, the SCE platform offers a “Jawazat Update” option with a 100 SAR fee.

This directly updates your Jawazat information in the SCE system, potentially resolving the issue with Jawazat and Yaqeen and you can finally see the Green tick which indicates your Jawazat is updated and Yaqeen is verified.

Saudi Council of Engineers Mobile Application

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) launches mobile app which is your one-stop shop for navigating the professional landscape as an engineer in the Kingdom.

Here’s a quick breakdown of its features and benefits:

For Members

  • Access membership details: View your membership status, certificates, and fee payments conveniently.
  • Stay updated: Get notified about news, events, and important announcements from the SCE.
  • Manage services: Submit requests for various services like engineer certificates, renewals, and changes to your data.
  • Job hunting: Explore job openings and connect with potential employers directly through the app.
  • Network and collaborate: Connect with other engineers, participate in forums, and build your professional network.
  • Payment gateway: Pay fees and dues securely within the app itself.

For All Users

  • Search for engineers: Find engineers based on their expertise, location, and other criteria.
  • Verify licenses: Check the validity of engineers’ licenses and credentials.
  • Browse regulations: Access relevant engineering codes, standards, and guidelines.
  • Submit inquiries: Contact the Saudi Council of Engineers directly for assistance and support.
  • Stay informed: Stay updated on the latest developments in the engineering field in Saudi Arabia.

Overall, the Saudi Council of Engineers app is a valuable tool for engineers in Saudi Arabia. It provides convenient access to essential services, keeps you connected with the professional community, and empowers you to manage your career effectively.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • The language interface is available in Arabic and English.
  • It’s recommended to register with your Saudi Council of Engineers membership number for full access to features.

I encourage you to download the Saudi Council of Engineers app and experience its benefits first-hand!


Do I need to register even if I’m not actively working in my profession? 

Yes, registration is mandatory for renewal regardless of your current employment status.

What happens if I don’t register?

Failure to register might lead to delays or even rejection of your Iqama renewal.

Can I register with the Saudi Council of Engineers if my profession isn’t on the list?

Unfortunately, registration is only open for professions explicitly listed by the Saudi Council of Engineers.

Can I register online if I’m outside Saudi Arabia?

Yes, as long as you have a valid Iqama and can access the Saudi Council of Engineers website, you can register remotely.

How can I contact Saudi Council of Engineers?

You can contact them using the contact details available on their Website.

The message “We are auditing your request” appears. How many days would it typically take to be approved or denied?

The “We are auditing your request” message specifically indicates your request is undergoing additional scrutiny. This could extend the processing time further, depending on the complexity of your case.

My degree is an MBA in different profession. Can I thus register with my MBA as a Computer Technician?

Unfortunately, an MBA degree in other professions alone does not qualify you to register as a Computer Technician with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). The SCE requires specific technical diplomas or certificates for technician registration, and an MBA falls outside this category.

The Final Words

Remember, registration with the Saudi Council of Engineers is just the first step towards a rewarding engineering career in Saudi Arabia.

Also Remember, this registration opens doors not just for Iqama renewal but also for career advancement and professional recognition within Saudi Arabia.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Saudi Council of Engineers’ resources, workshops, and networking opportunities to continuously upskill yourself and connect with fellow professionals.

So, fellow expats, Embrace the challenges, contribute to the kingdom’s development, and watch your career flourish in this dynamic land of opportunity.

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