Pay Your Traffic Violation Fines Online on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Traffic violations are a common concern in every country, including Saudi Arabia. As a means to maintain road safety and ensure smooth traffic flow, traffic violation fines are imposed on individuals who commit violations while driving.

In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of traffic violations fines, their significance, and why fines are given for such violations in Saudi Arabia.

What is a Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia?

A traffic violation refers to the act of breaking the rules and regulations set by the traffic authorities.

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These violations can vary from minor offenses such as not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone while driving to more serious violations like speeding or running a red light.

These rules are in place to safeguard lives, enhance road safety, and maintain order on the roads.

The Kingdom has implemented strict regulations and penalties to enforce traffic laws and maintain order on the roads.

What constitutes a traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia?

Types of fines

The fines are categorized in terms of the magnitude of a violation.

Types of fines

The bigger the violation, the greater the fine.

Violations were divided into 8 different sections according to the fines paid by the violator which starts from 100 riyals and reaches 10,000 riyals, depending on the type of violation.

These are named as Category 1 to Category 8 sections which include violations of

  • If you use strong lights
  • Don’t do technical inspection MVPI.
  • Without driver’s license.
  • No use of seat belt
  • Use of Mobile phones
  • Driving an uninsured car
  • Without helmet
  • Stopping on the railway tracks
  • Having forged registration plate
  • Keep moving on Red light
  • Tampering with traffic regulating signs
  • Exceeding the speed limit by less than 25km/h
  • Do modifications but without the proper procedure
  • Having car without a number plate
  • Keep moving even stop signal are showing

You can download a PDF of new rules that are imply on Saudi in 2023.

How to Pay your Fine in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has a comprehensive system for determining the fines associated with above traffic violations.

In Saudi Arabia you have to give two types of parking fines.

  • If you will park in No-Parking Area
  • if you park without booking Ticket.

The traffic fines are categorized based on the severity of the offense, with varying penalty amounts for each violation.

The fines can be paid through multiple channels, including online platforms and designated payment centers.

You can also pay your fine with your Iqama online by following method

Pay fine with Al Rajhi Bank

You can pay through Al-Rajhi Bank with online banking service

  • Login to your account (Check Al Rajhi bank online account guide for account creation)
  • Go to ‘Payments’
  • Then SADAD then select MOI payment
  • Select Type Traffic Violations
  • Then enter Application type as Query by Violation ID
  • Enter your Iqama and Violator ID
  • Click on Confirm

That’s it!

Pay fine with SNB Bank

You can also pay your fine through SNB Bank with online banking service through your Iqama.

  • Login to your account (Check SNB bank online account guide for account creation)
  • Select Menu
  • Click on Sadad
  • Click on Government Payments
  • Fill Biller as Traffic Violations
  • Then enter Application type as Query by Violation ID
  • Enter your Iqama and Violator ID
  • Click on Confirm

You can also pay your all traffic violations fines together to get rid of separately paying.

Pay fine with Efaa

Through Efaa platform you can pay your fine too, just with four simple steps given

  • Open Website of Efaa platform.
  • Enter your Iqama number, Date of birth
  • Click on Pay now if payment is shown
  • Enter your Credit Card details

Pay with Mawgiff

Through Mawgiff platform where you can book your parking specially for Madinah.

Don’t know how to book check Masjid al-Nabawi Underground Parking Guide.

You can pay your fine too with this platform, just with four simple steps given

  • Download the Mawgif app or Go to official website Mawgiff.
  • Use your bank debit or credit card to recharge your e-wallet.
  • Select pay fine option to pay the Mawgiff fine.

Pay with STCpay

Through STCpay you can pay your fine too, just with simple steps given

  • Open the STCPay app
  • Select the “Payments” option
  • Choose “Traffic Violations” as the payment type
  • Enter your Iqama number and the amount due
  • Confirm the payment

Pay with Absher

Through Absher you can pay your fine, just with four simple steps given

  • Login to your Absher account
  • Select the “Traffic Violations” option
  • Enter your Iqama number and the amount due
  • Confirm the payment

Congratulations! All done.

Check your Mukhalfa in Saudi Arabia

You can also check your Violation fine through Absher or Tawakkalna applications.

Check Traffic Violations Through Tawakkalna

You can check your fine through Tawakkalna by following steps

  • Visit Tawakkalna services
  • Login to Absher ID
  • Select “Dashboard”
  • Select “Traffic Violations”
  • Click “Unpaid Traffic Violations’

Check Traffic Violations Through Absher

You can also check with or without Absher account like as

  • Open Absher website
  • Go to “Query Traffic Violation for Visitors”
  • Fill in Iqama or Border Number
  • Select your Nationality
  • Enter Captcha Code

How to remove traffic fine in Saudi Arabia?

You can also remove your traffic fine by objecting that it is by mistake.

  • Login to the Ministry of interior portal (Absher).
  • Select (My Services).
  • Select (Traffic Services).
  • Select (Objection to Traffic Violations).
  • You will see the recorded violations.
  • Select the violation you want.
  • Specify the reason for the objection and click on (Submit an objection to the violation).
  • You will receive a text message on your registered number.

Use of Traffic Violation Fines

The imposition of fines for traffic violations serves several important purposes such as:

  • The fear of financial penalties acts as a deterrent and encourages drivers to adhere to traffic regulations.
  • By penalizing those who violate traffic laws, authorities strive to reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the roads.
  • By penalizing traffic violators, Saudi Arabia aims to maintain a disciplined traffic system, allowing for a more organized and efficient flow of vehicles.
  • The funds collected from these fines can be utilized for various purposes, such as improving road infrastructure, implementing traffic management systems, and enhancing road safety education and awareness campaigns.


Traffic violations in Saudi Arabia are taken seriously, and strict measures are in place to ensure the safety of all road users. It is essential for drivers to be aware of and abide by the traffic laws to avoid facing legal consequences. By following the regulations, we can contribute to a safer and more orderly traffic environment in the Kingdom. Let us all strive to be responsible drivers and prioritize the well-being of ourselves and others on the road.


What is the penalty for Moi Iqama?

The employer shall be fined 5,000 S.R. and one month imprisonment for the first instance.
Second instance fine is 20,000 S.R. and two months imprisonment.
Third instance fine is 50,000 S.R. and three months imprisonment.

How can I check my camera fine in Saudi Arabia?

For exceeding limit by less than 10 km/hr fine SR 300 to SR 500 limit
For driving 10 km/hr to 20 km/hr over the speed limit fine is SR 800 to SR 1,000 For exceeding the maximum speed limit by 20 km/hr to 30 km/hr fine is SR 1,200 to SR 1,500 fine: + 6 black points.

What is a Category 1 violation in Saudi Arabia?

Fines for violation range from 150 to 100 Saudi Riyals include: Driving a vehicle in areas where driving is not allowed. leaving a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running. Not having a valid vehicle insurance.

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