Saudi National Day 2023 – History, Future, Celebrations, & Holiday!

I’m here to give you the lowdown on Saudi National Day 2023 (also known as ‘Al-Yaom Al-Watani’ in Arabic).

This is a day like no other in Saudi Arabia, and it’s all about celebrating this amazing country’s unity, history, and culture. 

It comes with a long weekend and some fantastic Saudi National Day offers, sales, deals and events. 

In this detailed article, we will explore the history and significance of Saudi National Day, its vibrant celebrations and events happening this year.

Saudi National Day History

So, what’s the big deal with Saudi National Day, anyway? 

Well, it’s the day Saudi Arabia became a united country way back in 1932. 

Before that, it was a bunch of separate regions. 

But on September 23rd, King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud officially proclaimed the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He dedicated his life to uniting these disparate regions.

The unification brought together various tribal regions and laid the foundation for the modern Saudi state.

The Significance of Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day is more than just a day off work; it’s a day of unity and pride. 

It commemorates the unification of Najd and Hijaz, which came together to form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932. 

The very name “Saudi Arabia” comes from the ruling House of Saud, highlighting the deep historical roots of the nation.

The Saudi Flag’s Profound Meaning

The flag of Saudi Arabia is a simple yet powerful design with deep symbolism.

It consists of a green field with the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith) written in white Arabic script. The flag’s design is notable for its minimalism, which reflects the Islamic principles of purity and simplicity.

Here’s a breakdown of the flag’s symbolism:

  1. Green Background: Green is a significant color in Islam and is associated with the religion’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad.

    It represents hope, growth, and the fertile land of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Shahada: The Shahada, which is written in white on the flag, is the Islamic declaration of faith and the core belief of Muslims.

    It states:

    “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

    This declaration is central to Islam and symbolizes the country’s commitment to the Islamic faith.

The Saudi flag’s design is a powerful representation of the country’s Islamic identity and its connection to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

93rd Saudi National Day’s Date and Theme

Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day falls on September 23rd every year, and it’s a big deal. 

This year, it’s extra special as Saudi Arabia is celebrating its 93rd National Day and the theme for this year is “We Dream and Achieve” – Asharq Al-Awsat.

It’s all about dreaming big and turning those dreams into reality, just like Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi National Day Holiday – A Long Weekend Ahead

Here’s some fantastic news: September 23rd is an official holiday for both the private and public sectors – Saudi Gazette

That means you get a day off work on Saturday, and Sunday is a paid holiday. 

So, you’ve got a three-day weekend to look forward to! Work resumes on Monday, September 25th.

Saudi National Day Celebrations and Traditions

Saudi National Day Celebrations
  • Lights and Fireworks: Cities across Saudi Arabia are adorned with colorful lights and grand fireworks displays that light up the night sky. 
  • National Anthem: People come together to sing the Saudi national anthem, showing their love for the country.
  • Traditional Dance: Folkloric dances, such as the Ardah, are performed with gusto. The Ardah is a sword dance that represents unity, strength, and their history.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: Museums and cultural places have exhibitions and events that teach about Saudi history, art, and heritage.
  • Decorations: Houses, streets, and buildings get decorated with Saudi flags and patriotic stuff.
  • Community Gatherings: Families and friends get together for special meals, picnics, and parties. It makes their community and family bonds stronger.

What Saudi National Day Represents

Saudi National Day is more than just big parties.

It’s a day to look back and see how much the country has changed since it started.

Saudi Arabia used to be a bunch of different tribes, but now it’s a modern place with a strong economy, good roads, and lots of cool stuff to do.

In recent years, things have changed a lot.

Women can drive now, and there are more fun things to do for everyone.

These changes show that Saudi Arabia is trying to be modern while still keeping its old customs and values.

What’s Happening

The National Day is all about celebrating and there’s a lot to look forward to this 93rd Saudi National Day:

1. Identity Projects 

This year, the National Day is showcasing some exciting projects that represent the dreams and achievements of the nation. 

These include the Diriyah Gate Project, the al-Shuaibah Solar Power Plant Project, and many more.

2. Special Songs

To set the mood, four special National Day songs have been released: 

“Our Date 2030,” “Above the Clouds,” “Yes,” and “My Home Is Here.”

3. Events and Celebrations

Across the country, you can expect festivals, fireworks, and parades with floats that highlight different regions of Saudi Arabia. 

Traditional music and clothing add to the festive atmosphere.

93rd Saudi National Day Fireworks

93rd Saudi National Day Fireworks

Mark your calendars for a spectacular display of fireworks in celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day at precisely 9:00 PM.

Here is the schedule of fireworks that will light up the skies in 16 locations across the Kingdom:

September 23, 2023RIYADH – BLVD CITY
September 23, 2023JEDDAH – Promenade
September 23, 2023ALKHOBAR – Northern Corniche
September 23, 2023DAMMAM – King Abdullah Public Park
September 23, 2023AL AHSA – Park Lake
September 23, 2023MEDINA – King Fahd Main Park
September 23, 2023TAIF – King Abdullah Park
September 23, 2023ALBAHA – King Hussam Park
September 23, 2023HAIL – AlSalam Park
September 23, 2023ABHA – AlSadd Garden
September 23, 2023TABUK – Rose Garden
September 23, 2023BURAIDAH – King Abdullah National Park
September 23, 2023ARAR – Water Tower
September 23, 2023SAKAKA – Al Jouf’s Rose
September 23, 2023JAZAN – Corniche Walk
September 23, 2023NAJRAN – University District Housing Park

Aerial and Naval Shows for 93rd Saudi National Day 2023

Saudi National Day Air and Naval show

Saudi National Day 2023 is set to be an extraordinary celebration, as the Ministry of Defense announces thrilling aerial displays by the Royal Saudi Air Force jets in 13 cities including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Taif.

Be ready for an awe-inspiring show as Typhoons, F-15s, Tornados, and the incredible Saudi Hawks Aerobatic Team take flight, showcasing their impressive skills in the skies.

Also, the Royal Saudi Navy will join the festivities with naval parades and shows, turning the waterfront in Jeddah into a maritime spectacle – Arab News.

Don’t miss out on this true salute from the sea and the sky.

Here is the schedule of air show and naval show:

TimeDate Location
5:00 PMSeptember 20, 2023JEDDAH – North Corniche, opposite Hilton Hotel
4:30 PMSeptember 23, 2023RIYADH – Umm Ajlan Park
4:30 PMSeptember 27, 2023ALKHOBAR – Alkhobar Corniche
5:30 PMSeptember 23, 2023TAIF – Al Radaf Park / Al-Hada Park / Al Shifa Park
5:00 PMSeptember 23, 2023AL BAHA – Prince Hussam Park / Raghadan Park
5:00 PMSeptember 23, 2023ASIR – King Khaled Road
5:45 PMSeptember 23, 2023TABUK – Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Park
4:30 PMSeptember 30, 2023HAFR AL BATIN – King Saud Air Base
4:30 PMOctober 2, 2023AL JOUF – Al Jouf Air Base
5:00 PMSeptember 20, 2023JEDDAH – North Corniche, opposite Hilton Hotel
4:30 PMSeptember 27, 2023ALKHOBAR – Alkhobar Corniche

Muhammad Abdo’s Concert

Muhammad Abdo's Concert for 93rd Saudi National Day

Muhammad Abdo, “The Artist of the Arabs”, takes the stage to serenade us with his most beautiful songs, all in celebration of the 93rd National Day.

You can enjoy his sweetest melodies on September 22, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM at the Jeddah Super Dome, located opposite Al Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah.

Please note that this event is exclusively for adults and children are not allowed.

Majid Al Mohandes Concert

Majid Al Mohandes Concert

Celebrate National Day in grand style with the prince of singing and the owner of the diamond voice, Majid Al Mohandes.

This National Day, enjoy the night of unforgettable music and festivities on September 23, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM at the Dhahran Expo in Dammam.

Please note that this event is open to all, but children are not allowed.

Rabeh Saqr’s Concert

As part of the National Day celebrations, attendees are invited to join the musical extravaganza featuring Gulf musician Rabeh Saqr.

On September 24, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM, the Prince Sultan Cultural Center in Tabuk will come alive with Rabeh Saqr’s sweet melodies and musical creativity.

Series Songs

Saudi National Day

In a delightful event organized by Benchmark, attendees can enjoy beloved series from the past, all under the skilled direction of Maestro Dr. Khaled Nouri.

This trip down memory lane will take place on September 22, 2023, from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Riyadh’s Boulevard City.

It’s a nostalgic experience that everyone can enjoy, except for young children who are not permitted to attend.

Camel Club Event

camel club event

The Camel Club is set to make a special appearance in celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day.

You can enjoy the celebration with our humpbacked friends on September 23, 2023, from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the Camel Club headquarters in Riyadh.

This event is open to all, and children are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Saudia Alaan – A New Channel Launch

Saudia Alaan - A New Channel Launch

In conjunction with the celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day, Saudi Arabia will launch a new channel titled ‘Saudia Alaan’ (Saudia Now).

This official channel, under the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA), will be the go-to platform for broadcasting all of the Kingdom’s official events and entertaining activities.

Mohammed Al-Harthi, CEO of SBA, said that the preparations are complete, and the channel promises to bring you closer to the Kingdom’s vibrant happenings – Saudi Gazette.

4. Patriotic Vibes

You’ll notice the streets decorated with Saudi flags, cars adorned with celebratory decorations, and buildings bathed in green light to mark the occasion.

5. Azimuth Music Festival

If you’re up for some music and fun, don’t miss the Azimuth music festival in AlUla. 

It’s a dusk-to-dawn extravaganza featuring local and regional artists.

Saudi National Day FAQs

Q1. How do Saudis typically celebrate National Day?  

Saudis celebrate KSA National Day with a week-long extravaganza. Festivities include fireworks, parades, heritage villages, cultural festivals, traditional cuisine, and more.

Q2. Can tourists participate in Saudi National Day celebrations? 

Absolutely! Tourists are welcome to join in the festivities. Many cities, especially Riyadh and Jeddah, have public events and cultural displays that tourists can enjoy.

Q3. What message does Saudi National Day convey to the world?

Saudi National Day is a message of unity, progress, and pride. It showcases Saudi Arabia’s journey from tribal divisions to a modern and forward-looking nation while preserving its rich heritage.

Q4. Are there any official government events on Saudi National Day?

Yes, the government usually organizes official ceremonies and events, which often include speeches, cultural performances, and awards honoring individuals who have contributed to the nation’s development.

Q5. How can I best experience Saudi National Day as a tourist?

To make the most of the experience, attend local celebrations, savor traditional Saudi cuisine, and interact with locals.

Q6. When was the first time the Saudi government declared National Day as an official holiday? 

The Saudi government first declared National Day as an official holiday in 2005.


So, mark your calendars for September 23rd, because Saudi National Day 2023 is going to be a blast! 

Celebrate, dream big, and enjoy the festivities. 

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for those special deals and promotions from your favorite brands. 

It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!

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