How to Transfer Family Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, when the head of a family passes away, it’s important for the rest of the family to transfer their sponsorship to another person. 

In tough times, it’s important to understand the simple steps and requirements involved to transfer family sponsorship. 

That is why this guide is here to help you with the process of transferring family sponsorship in KSA.

By following this guide, we aim to make the process easier for you, ensuring the well-being of your family members.

Requirements for the Transfer of Family Sponsorship

  • Original and copy of dependents’ passports and Iqama.
  • Copy of dependents’ birth certificate with Arabic translation.
  • Arabic letter explaining the reason for the sponsorship transfer.
  • Attested NOC and salary certificate by the chamber of commerce.
  • GOSI certificate with mentioned salary.
  • Death certificate of the father/head of the family.
  • Deceased family member’s Iqama and passport copy.
  • Confirmation letter from the school for siblings under 18.
  • Arabic letter confirming the unmarried status of sisters.
  • Two passport-size photographs of each family member.

Procedure to Transfer Family Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

1. Gather All Documents

  • Gather all necessary documents before proceeding.
  • Submit documents to the legal affairs department of Jawazat Saudi.
  • After verification, they will issue a letter for you to obtain a verification letter from the court.

2. Visit the Court

Take the following documents to the court

  • Dependent’s original Iqama with copies.
  • Letter from Saudi Jawazat.
  • Four witnesses confirming the death of the father and your role as the legal guardian.

3. Present Your Case to the Judge

  • Explain your situation to the judge.
  • Once the judge is satisfied, he will ask the witnesses to sign a paper and issue you a verification letter.

4. Return to Jawazat Saudi

  • Return to the Jawazat office again and submit all the documents along with the verification letter. There you will be asked to proceed with the transfer process in a day or two.
  • Then you will be asked to visit the Jawazat office to complete transfer forms for each family member.
  • Now provide fingerprints for all family members at the enrollment department.
  • Submit original and copies of passports, valid Iqama, and recent passport-sized photos for each member.
  • Include a letter from the Legal Affairs Department with the documents.
  • Submit all documents to the Transfer of Service Department at Jawazat.
  • The Transfer of Service Department will handle the transfer of all family members under your guardianship.
  • Upon successful completion, expect a notification on your phone or through MOI Absher sponsor services.


So, follow these steps to transfer family sponsorship in Saudi Arabia during tough times.

Double-check that all your documents are accurate and current.

This ensures a smooth process and a secure future for your family.

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