18 Best Breakfast Places in Riyadh for Every Taste and Budget

Riyadh, the lively capital of Saudi Arabia, has many places to grab breakfast.

In this guide, we’ll check out 18 great breakfast spots in Riyadh. 

They don’t just serve tasty breakfasts but also have outdoor seating and can deliver breakfast to your doorstep.

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  • A.O.K Kitchen
  • places to get breakfast in Riyadh

    Cuisine: International

    Start your day with a bang at A.O.K Kitchen.

    They’ve got healthy breakfast options that taste amazing. 

    The outdoor seating and impeccable service make it a must-visit.

    2. Vidro Lounge Riyadh

    Vidro Lounge Riyadh

    Cuisine: Mediterranean

    Vidro Lounge Riyadh is where Mediterranean breakfast dreams come true.

    It’s super friendly and has a diverse breakfast menu.

    It is right on Tahlia Street – talk about convenience.

    3. Café Bateel

    cafe bateel

    Cuisine: Mediterranean

    For a taste of the Mediterranean, Café Bateel is your option. 

    Their gourmet breakfasts are a treat, and you can even enjoy them outdoors.

    4. The Capital Lounge

    The Capital Lounge

    Cuisine: International

    Looking for an elegant yet affordable breakfast spot? 

    The Capital Lounge nails it with a peaceful atmosphere and outdoor seating.

    5. Zaatar W Zeit

    Zaatar W Zeit

    Cuisine: Lebanese

    Craving Mediterranean flavors? Zaatar W Zeit is your spot. 

    Their outdoor terrace and breakfast options will leave you craving for more.

    6. Le Croissant Shop

    Le Croissant Shop

    Cuisine: French

    Bonjour, breakfast lovers! 

    Le Croissant Shop serves up authentic French pastries and coffee in a cozy outdoor setting – it’s délicieux!

    7. Cocoa Room

    Cocoa Room

    Cuisine: Healthy

    Cocoa Room is all about a healthy start. 

    You’ll love their nutritious breakfasts and the fact that you can enjoy them in a garden setting.

    8. Shakespeare and Co.

    Shakespeare and Co.

    Cuisine: International

    Shakespeare and Co. is a charming garden cafe with an extensive breakfast menu. 

    Sweet or savory, they’ve got it all!

    9. Brekkie


    Cuisine: All-Day Breakfast

    Brekkie Riyadh is your all-day breakfast destination. 

    Whether you’re craving a classic bacon and eggs, a sweet treat like sticky toffee, or french toast, your morning cravings are covered. 

    Don’t miss their BAT Benni Croissant.

    10. IHOP


    Cuisine: American

    IHOP brings iconic American breakfast classics to Riyadh with a lovely outdoor terrace. 

    Pancakes, anyone?

    11. Paul Bakery and Restaurant

    Paul Bakery and Restaurant

    Cuisine: French

    Paul Bakery and Restaurant is a slice of Paris in Riyadh.

    They serve freshly baked pastries in a delightful outdoor setting.

    12. Chapter 


    Cuisine: Modern Saudi Breakfast

    Best breakfast in Riyadh – A twist on breakfast classics.

    Chapter puts a modern spin on Saudi breakfast dishes and offers unique options like the Cilbir egg – perfectly poached eggs with creamy labneh and chili clarified butter. 

    It’s a lively hub for breakfast lovers, and their scones are a must-try.

    13. Eggz & Cheez

    Eggz & Cheez

    Cuisine: Breakfast and Beyond

    Eggz & Cheez in Riyadh offers a delightful breakfast experience, featuring a variety of dishes that include eggs as well as non-egg options for those who prefer a different morning start. 

    Their sweet mushroom sandwich and club sandwich are popular choices, and they also serve tempting dessert options like cinnamon bites and French toast.

    14. Mama Noura

    Mama Noura

    Cuisine: Lebanese

    Mama Noura got your back for a traditional Saudi breakfast.

    It has an Arabic-style outdoor setting that’s light on the wallet.

    15. Café Liwan

    Café Liwan

    Cuisine: Arabian

    Savor Arabian breakfast specialties at Café Liwan, all while enjoying the outdoor shisha terrace for a cultural experience.

    16. Flour & Firewood

    Flour & Firewood

    Cuisine: European

    Flour & Firewood offers a breakfast experience that stands out with its award-winning savory dishes.

     If you’re in the mood for something savory, you can indulge in the Sunny Eggs Platter, which includes two fried eggs served with grilled halloumi, beef bacon, and toast.

    Flour & Firewood is where you can treat yourself to exceptional savory breakfast options in Riyadh.

    17. Wakame Café

    Wakame Café

    Cuisine: Japanese

    Wakame Café brings a unique twist to breakfast with Japanese items and even sushi. 

    And yes, you can enjoy it all in their relaxing outdoor lounge.

    18. LOGMA’s


    Cuisine: Arabic

    LOGMA’s offers a diverse breakfast experience, blending traditional Saudi breakfast elements with fusion dishes. 

    Their breakfast menu includes classic Saudi breakfast options alongside innovative creations such as South Asian-inspired egg parathas and Khaleeji treats like LOGMA fries. 


    Riyadh’s breakfast scene is an absolute delight!

    With these 18 fantastic breakfast spots, you can kickstart your day in style, no matter your taste or budget.

    From healthy starts to hearty classics, there’s something for everyone.

    So, what are you waiting for? 

    Go on, make your morning memorable.

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