How to Get a Birth Certificate through Ahwal Al Madani

Congratulations on the birth of your precious new-born! 

Now it’s essential to take care of important documentation that starts with getting a birth certificate for your baby. 

Here, we give you the step-by-step procedure to obtain a birth certificate for your newborn in Saudi Arabia through Ahwal Al Madani.

Step 1: Obtain Birth Notification Letter from the Hospital

  • After your baby’s birth, apply for the baby’s birth notification from the hospital.
  • Provide the hospital’s Medical Records Section with the following details:
    Given Name, Father Name, Present Address, Phone Number, and Email ID.
  • Also, make sure the certificate has the medical officer’s signature and the hospital’s stamp.
  • Wait for approximately 3 to 5 working days for the hospital to issue the “Birth Notification Letter.”

Step 2: Schedule an Online Appointment with Ahwal Al Madani

  • Visit the Absher website on your browser.
  • Under the Appointments Section, select “Ministry of Civil Affairs.”
  • For desktop users, there’s an alternative method:
    When you log in to Absher’s main page, look for the service icon on the right side of the screen. Click on it to begin the appointment booking process.
  • To proceed with the appointment, click on “Proceed to Service.”
  • Access the Ahwal Appointment Service.
  • Within the service, click on “Book New Appoint.” (If you already have an existing appointment for any service, complete that first as you can book only one appointment at a time.)
  • In the next step, choose the service by selecting the first option, “تسجيل واقعة ميلاد” (Register Birth Event).
  • After this, select the region.
  • To schedule an appointment with Ahwal Al Madni in Jeddah, pick the Makkah region. For Riyadh, select the Al-Riyad region, similarly the Eastern Province Region for a birth certificate in Dammam, Jubail, or Khobar.

Note: Keep in mind to get Ahwal Al Madani appointment for birth certificate issuance in the same city where your child is born.

Other offices won’t issue you the birth certificate. And for this, you must know the region where your city is situated.

  • After choosing your region, click “Next.”
  • On the next screen, you’ll see the list of cities and branches. Select your city.
  • Once you’ve picked your city, select the date and time for your civil affairs appointment. (You have the flexibility to choose any available date and time)
  • The following windows will display your appointment details, including the date, time, location, and city of your Ahwal Al Madni appointment. Review these details and click on “Confirm Appointment Details.”
  • The subsequent window will confirm your booking and provide you with a booking ticket. Make sure to print it promptly, as you’ll need it when visiting the Ahwal Al Madni office.

Step 3: Visit Ahwal Al Madani for Provisional Birth Certificate

Take your “Birth Notification Letter” and the following documents to the Ahwal Al Madani (Ministry of Civil Affairs) office in your locality:

  • Birth Notification Letter from Hospital
  • Original and copy of Iqamah of the Father
  • Original and copy of Iqamah of the Mother
  • Original and copy of Passport of the Father
  • Original and copy of Passport of the Mother
  • Filled Form 87 for Birth Certificate
  • Ahwal al Madani appointment ticket. 
  • For mothers on Visit Visa: Saudi Visa stamped on passport and Absher Page showing the Visa Expiry Date.
  • If only mother lives in Saudi Arabia: Some additional requirements needed are:
  • A Power of Attorney issued in native country. Ensure it’s attested by the Saudi embassy in that country.
  • Original marriage certificate along with an Arabic translation, attested in home country by the Saudi embassy and foreign office.
  • A Power of Attorney from the father, granting permission for the mother or another person to apply for and collect the birth certificate and handle all necessary legal procedures.

Take these documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Saudi Arabia for attestation after verifying them.

For a smooth visit to Ahwal Al Madani Offices, arrive 30 minutes before your appointment with all required documents and your confirmation.

After initial verification, wait for your turn and submit your documents at the designated counter.

Expect to wait for approximately 20-30 minutes while they print the Birth Certificate.

Once it is done, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile, and you can verify the birth certificate’s issuance in Absher, where a new dependent entry will appear.

Step 4: MOFA Attestation for Birth Certificate

  • Book an online appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and pay the Birth Certificate Attestation fee.
  • Bring the Provisional Birth Certificate obtained from Ahwal Al Madani along with the online appointment confirmation showing the attestation payment status.

Final words

Obtaining a birth certificate for your newborn in Saudi Arabia through Ahwal Al Madani may seem like a multi-step process, but it ensures your child’s legal identity and nationality. 

Now, you are ready to go to apply for Iqama for your newborn.

You can check our amazing guide on two methods to check iqama Huroob status if you want to check your status online.

Hope this post helped you.

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