How to Get a Fully Funded Saudi Arabia Scholarship from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia is extending a warm welcome to Pakistani students, providing them with incredible Saudi Arabia scholarships that cover the costs of studying at 25 top-notch universities.

Amazing! isn’t it?

Imagine this as your golden opportunity to pursue your dreams!

They cover everything from diplomas to bachelor’s, master’s, and even Ph.D. programs.

Whether you’re in Pakistan or already in Saudi Arabia, you can apply for these scholarships.

So, get ready to make your dreams come true by reading this guide till the end to know the whole process to get this Saudi Arabia scholarship.

Overview of Saudi Arabia Scholarships

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Extended Opportunities

Great news! Saudi Arabia has increased the number of fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. 

Initially, they announced 600 of these amazing scholarships for students to study at 25 top-notch universities. But now, they’ve expanded the scholarship slots to accommodate a total of 700 students – Arab News.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Saudi Arabia scholarship, you must:

  • Be a Pakistani or AJK national.
  • Both male and female are eligible.
  • Age requirements:
    -17-25 years for Bachelor’s
    -below 30 years for Master’s
    -less than 35 years for Ph.D. programs (as of the closing date of the application process).
  • Those who are chosen will start their program in Saudi Arabia in either September or October each year.
  • Not hold any other scholarship at the time of availing the Saudi Scholarship.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • The applicant should not have faced suspension from any educational institution due to disciplinary or other valid reasons.

Benefits of the Saudi Arabia Scholarship

The Saudi Arabia scholarship for Pakistani students is truly remarkable.

It includes:

  • A monthly allowance of 900 Saudi Riyals (SAR) for science students and 850 SAR for humanities students.
  • Free lodging.
  • A 3-month furnishing allowance for married scholars.
  • Return air tickets.
  • Free medical coverage for the student and their family if married.
  • A 3-month graduation allowance for the shipment of books.
  • Subsidized meals on campus.

Application Process for Saudi Arabia Scholarship

To apply for these life-changing scholarships:

  • Visit the KSA Ministry of Education online portal.
  • Each university sets its own rules and deadlines, so check your chosen university’s website for specific course details.
  • Once you apply, the Saudi Ministry of Education will make the final call on scholarship awards for eligible candidates. 
  • For extra peace of mind, send a copy of your application to the Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh. This way, you’ll stay informed and can follow up with the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and your chosen university. 

List of 25 Universities Offering Fully Funded Scholarships

Saudi Arabia scholarship

Applicants are advised to visit the websites of their respective universities for admission details. Here’s a list of the universities:


Saudi Arabia’s decision to increase the number of fully-funded scholarships for Pakistani students is a beacon of hope and an affirmation of their commitment to nurture academic excellence.

These extended opportunities created by Saudi Arabia remind us that the pursuit of knowledge is a journey that should know no limits.

These scholarships are an investment not only in the individuals who receive them but also in the shared future of both countries.

So, this is your chance to pursue your dreams of higher education in Saudi Arabia.

Fully funded scholarships at 25 prestigious universities are just waiting for you.

Apply now (before 7th Dec 2023) and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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