Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, Mobile Number Portability (hereafter, MNP) allows mobile subscribers to keep their existing numbers when switching service providers.

The service allows customers to switch providers without having to inform their contacts or acquaintances about their new number.

CITC regulates Saudi Arabian MNP and the service is available for prepaid and post-paid customers.

Here are some key points to keep in mind about MNP in Saudi Arabia:


To be eligible for MNP, the customer’s mobile number must be registered and active with the current service provider for at least 90 days.


The service provider cannot charge the customer any fees for porting their number to another service provider.


In order to port a number, you must visit a new service provider’s retail store and submit a porting request.

Also, you can visit your desired provider’s website and submit a request for porting, this may include delivery charges.

The porting process typically takes up to 24 hours maximum to complete.

In my case, it took only an 1 hour.

Temporary suspension of services

During the porting process, there may be a temporary suspension of services, usually for a few hours.

Such as incoming calls and SMS.


After submitting a porting request, the customer can cancel it within 24 hours if they change their mind.

Some Key-Points about “MNP in Saudi Arabia”

  • MNP in Saudi Arabia only applies to mobile numbers within the country.
  • International porting is not allowed.
  • Saudi Arabia’s mobile number portability allows users to change mobile service providers without changing their phone numbers.
  • Porting your mobile number may or may not incur fees, and you should check with your current carrier and the new carrier you wish to switch to for more details.


Can I do MNP online?

Yes, you can!

Can I PORT my Zain number to STC?

Yes, you switch to STC without changing your Zain Number. The process can be done Online or by visiting their stores nationwide.

How Long MNP process takes?

The porting process typically takes up to 24 hours maximum to complete.
In my case, it took only an 1 hour.

Can I transfer my mobile number to any network?

Yes, you can until and unless the mobile network provider supports MNP.


Hence, you can switch mobile service providers if you are not satisfy with your current provider or for any other particular reasons.

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