How to Check Number of Sims Registered under your Iqama in 2023?

Do you know how many Sims are registered under your Iqama Number?

If not, today you’re going to find out.

By using the steps mentioned below, I have find out one of the sims that I completely forgot was registered under my name.

So, it is always important to know the number of Sim cards registered on your Iqama number.

By the way, there are alot of Mobile Sim providers like, STC, Jawwy, Mobily, Lebara, Zain, & Virgin Mobile.

And using this guide, you’ll also know the name of the Sim card provider.

Also, if you want to remove it from your name, you can visit any of the service centres or call their helpline.

Well, let’s go through the process step by step with these 2 effective methods.

Method 1: Through CITC Website

  • Select your preferred language, I’m selecting English.
  • Select “Individual” from actor type drop down.
  • Enter your “Iqama Number” in the space provided.
  • Select your “birthdate” using Hijri format.
  • Select “Yes I have mobile phone.” (You can select ‘No’ if you don’t want to provide your mobile number).
  • Enter your “Mobile Number” in the space provided. (If you have selected yes, obviously).
  • Finally, click on “Search” and now you can see how many sims are under your Iqama.

Method 2: Through Sending SMS to your Service Provider


In STC Sim, Write “9988” in an SMS and send it to 902.


From Mobily, Send a blank SMS to 616166.


From Virgin Sim, Send a blank SMS to 1789.


From Zain Sim, Send a blank SMS to 700123.

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How many SIM cards can be Registered under one Iqama?

You can have as many sims as you want under one Iqama, which means – No limit.

However, it used to be two SIM cards on one Iqama, but now CITC has lifted the limit.

Wrapping Up!

Well, here you go!

I have tried to mention all the methods (which are 2 obviously :P).

If you need any help further, you can always use the comment form below.

See you next time, Ma Salama!

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