How to Accept Employee Transfer Requests via Qiwa

Ever since the Labor Reform Initiative (LRI) was put in place, Qiwa has become the top choice for moving employees around in Saudi Arabia.

So, if you’ve asked for a sponsorship transfer, here’s what you need to do:

You’ve got to hop onto Qiwa and accept the employee transfer request to wrap things up.

Now, moving employees through Qiwa isn’t a ONE-STEP deal.

It’s a bit of a process.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’ve included all the steps to kickstart the transfer request and get it accepted right on the Qiwa platform.

Step 1: Uploading Employment Contracts on Qiwa

When a new employer wants to kick off the transfer process, they’ve got to do a few things on Qiwa. But they need to meet some conditions:

  • The employer must meet the visa regulations for obtaining a new visa.
  • Their company should be following the wage protection rules and hitting at least 80% compliance in the last three months.
  • They’ve got to be 100% on track with the Contract Registration Program (CRP).
  • The company should keep things in line with 80% adherence to self-evaluation program rules.
  • The number of workers from specific nationalities should match up with Qiwa’s maximum limit.
  • Their Nitaqat program status should be in the GREEN, which means they’re doing well on that front.

Step 2: Accepting Employee Transfer via Qiwa

It’s time to accept employee transfer using Qiwa. Here’s the easy step-by-step:

  • Visit the Qiwa platform.
  • Click “Sign in” in the top right corner and put in your details.
  • Now select “Individual account.”
  • Click on “Employee transfer.”
  • You’ll see details of the transfer request:
    Request number, Current Establishment, Transfer Type, New Establishment, Request date, and Status.
  • Before your approval, it’ll say “PENDING FOR LABORER APPROVAL.”
  • Want to see what’s in the request? Click “View” to preview the request.
employee transfer requests via Qiwa
  • You can view the employment contract by selecting “VIEW CONTRACT.”
employee transfer requests via Qiwa
  • After reviewing the contract, check the box confirming your agreement.
  • Click “Accept the Request.”
  • A new window will appear, telling you a bit about the transfer. Confirm by clicking “Accept the Request.”
  • Boom! You’ve done it! You’ve successfully accepted the transfer request.
  • After your acceptance, the status will change to “Pending Completing Transfer In Absher by New Employer.”
employee transfer requests via Qiwa

Step 3: Confirming Transfer Requests with Your Current Employer

Alright, so, once you say ‘yes’ to that job contract, it’s time for your current employer for approval. 

After you accept, Qiwa shows ‘Pending for current employer’s approval.’

  • If your current employer approves within 14 days, the transfer is approved, and Qiwa shows ‘Approved.’
  • If there’s no response in 14 days, the system automatically approves the transfer, and Qiwa displays ‘Approved.’
  • If your current employer rejects the transfer, they’ve got to tell you why.
  • In that case, Qiwa will show “Rejected by your current employer” as the status and you’ll get a letter explaining why they said ‘no.’

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Step 4: Navigating the Notice Period

Once your current employer approves the transfer, there’s a notice period that kicks in on Qiwa.

Your current employer can either transfer you right away or wait until the notice period wraps up. 

If they choose to wait, Qiwa’s status shows ‘Pending for notice period completion.

Step 5: Finalizing Transfers with Your New Employer

After the notice period and your current employer’s approval, your transfer process starts in Qiwa. 

Here’s what happens: The status now becomes ‘Pending completing the transfer in Absher by the new employer.‘ 

Your new employer needs to pay the Iqama transfer fees within 24 days.

If they don’t, the whole process gets canceled.

Step 6: Registering for Your New Iqama (Residence Permit)

Once your current employer gives the thumbs-up to your transfer request, it’s your turn to follow these steps:

  • Pay the Iqama transfer sponsorship fee within 12 days (the employer is responsible for this fee so no worries there.)
  • After completion, use the Absher app to check your new Kafeel’s (sponsor’s) status.
  • Finally, visit a Jawazat office to get your new Iqama.

Signing Off

Last but not least,

By using the step-by-step guide I’ve shared, you’ve got the keys to smoothly accepting transfer requests via Qiwa while looking out for your own rights and interests.

Always keep in mind that Qiwa is here to make your journey to new employment easier, improving the labor sector’s overall experience.

Best of luck in your new adventure! 😊

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