How to Apply for a Saudi Temporary Work Visa?

As Saudi Arabia undergoes transformative initiatives like Vision 2030 and the NEOM business development region, the demand for skilled short-term workers has increased. 

To facilitate this influx, Saudi Arabia has introduced a streamlined process through the temporary work visa for foreigners, replacing the work visit visa.

Saudi temporary work visa is an easy way for global talents to join in.

Designed for short projects, this visa simplifies the application process, making it easy to get started. 

Whether taking on quick projects or sharing expertise, it’s a significant upgrade from the old work visit visa – no need for extra permits or residencies.

It’s all done online, lasts a year, and companies can apply easily on Qiwa-  Gulfnews

This guide provides a step-by-step overview of how to apply for this visa and its eligibility requirements.

Saudi Temporary Work Visa Requirements

If you’re thinking about getting a Saudi temporary work visa through Qiwa platform, which is also applicable for processing employee transfer requests in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s what you need to check:

  • Make sure your business has a valid Commercial Register (CR) unless it’s doing stuff that doesn’t need a commercial registration.
  • Your business should be up and running, listed as “Existing.”
  • Aim for a medium-green or higher Nitaqat rating – it’s a must.
  • Keep things clean with no negative remarks about the Wage Protection System (WPS).
  • Don’t forget to have a good amount in your visa issuance balance.

And a quick tip: If your business has expired visas, your application might get the thumbs down.

So, keep things up to date! 

Saudi Temporary Work Visa Application Process

To start the application for a Saudi temporary work visa, follow these steps on the Qiwa platform:

  • Log in to your organization’s account.
  • Choose the “Temporary Work Visa” service from the e-services options.
  • Click on “Submit Temporary Work Visa Request.”
  • Complete all the required details in the provided fields.
  • Finally, submit your request for a temporary work visa.

Qiwa, linked to the Ministry of Human Resources, now accepts work permit fee payments via credit cards and mada debit cards, directly debited from employers’ Qiwa digital wallets.

This is a new option compared to the previous exclusive use of the SADAD payment system – SaudiGazette

Advantages of Saudi Arabia’s Temporary Work Visa

Saudi Temporary Work Visa

Experience the benefits of a visa designed for quick entry and flexibility, benefiting both Saudi Arabia and employees.

  • Facilitates swift entry for short-term projects like Futuristic Mega Projects In Saudi Arabia.
  • The temporary work visa is part of a strategy shifting from oil-based to an economic powerhouse, attracting foreign investments for growth.
  • Workers can explore Saudi Arabia before committing to long-term contracts.
  • Applying is easier now with Qiwa—no extra documents are needed.
  • Workers enjoy exemptions from mandatory medical examinations or biometric authentication.
  • The visa lets workers travel in and out of Saudi Arabia as many times as they want during its validity.

In a Nutshell

Getting a temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia is easy and lasts for a whole year.

You can apply easily on the Qiwa platform.

This helps skilled workers be a part of Saudi Arabia’s diverse workforce vision.

And the best part? you won’t need any EXTRA documents!


1. How much is a temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia?

The application fee for a Temporary Work Visa is SAR 1,000 (USD 266).

2. How do I check the status of my temporary work visa?

Sign in to the e-visa platform, then select the option “Check Request Status.” Pick the type of request you want to inquire about from the available list.

3. How long is the temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia?

You need an invitation from someone in Saudi Arabia to sponsor the visa. The visa is valid for a year which allows entry for up to 90 days at any time during the yearlong period.

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